Jul 21, 2021

Keep going...

Whoever pursues righteousness and love

    finds life, prosperity and honor. Proverbs 21:21

 For the past couple of weeks, I have had zero motivation to read my Bible. ZERO. 

Maybe because we had been out of town, maybe because I had been sick...I am not sure. 

It was frustrating. I felt spiritually dry. As dry as that Las Vegas heat. 

Every morning, I would sit in my bed and prop up on pillows. I had my Bible on my night stand right next to me. 

I would stare at my Bible for a few minutes, not feeling an ounce of desire to dive into it. 

Here is the thing...

I did it anyway. 

I picked it up. I opened up. I went to the daily reading plan. 

THIS is when it is good to have a daily plan to read. It helps us to stay motivated and on track. It would be easy to say, "I don't really know where to start or what to read, so I think I will skip."

Every day, there is something to read when you are on a reading plan. At times like these...it is NECESSARY. Trust me. 

Day by day, I just opened God's Word and read. I honestly still did not feel motivated, but I still did it. 

I grabbed my prayer journal and would write down scriptures that stood out to me. I would write them slow and pray that God would let them resonate on my heart. I desperately needed some faith action.

Little by little, that desire returned. It took some time though. 

There are many seasons we will find ourselves in that are dry. Like, really dry. 

Do it anyway. 

Pick up your Bible and read. 

Read when you don't want to read. 

Pray when you don't want to pray. 

Love when you don't want to love. 

Do the opposite of what you "feel" like doing. 

Motivation will wane...I promise you....but do the next thing anyway. 

Put your bible on your nightstand so that you have no choice but to see it each day. 

Make yourself pick it up...

Make yourself read...

God will fill you with His Words. He will nourish your soul. 

Day by day, that desire will begin to slowly arise. 

It may take some time. 

Be patient. 

Keep reading. 

Keep praying. 

For many years I thought when these seasons came that something was really wrong with me. I thought I had lost my passion and my faith...

Now, I see that it is just a season. A season to keep planting, even when you feel like there is nothing else left. Keep going. 

This is all part of the journey. 

Be bold enough to ask God for motivation as well. Ask Him to give you the desire to read, to pray, to keep going. 

I have had to pray that prayer many times. 

He always, always, answers. 

Keep going, friend. 

You will be so glad you did. 

marching on, 


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