May 24, 2021

Fools rush in...

 Our reading plan has us in the book of Job. 

I have read this book several times over, and I am just not in the mood to read it again right now. It is a great book to read and many lessons to learn. HOWEVER, I just need a little escape from bad news. Can you relate? 

So, I am taking a break from the reading plan until June 1st to be precise. On June 1st our reading plan moves on to the book of Psalms! Praise Jesus. 

Who doesn't need some Psalms in their life?! I know I do!

I am so glad that God led me to the book of Matthew last week. He knew I would need it!!

Me and my big, big, big mouth have a hard time. 

Over the years it has definitely embarrassed me. More times than I can count. 

Recently, it could have been very, very, very bad. 

I am so thankful, like on my knees-groveling-kind of thankful, for a husband who is wise. 

We had a situation come up with one of our children. *deep breath*

In my eyes, this child was being extremely mistreated by someone. I was livid. Livid does not even begin to describe the feelings that were fuming through my veins. 

I was ready to give this person a piece of my momma bear mind. I really did NOT care about the consequences of my mouth at this point. I needed them to know that they were HORRIBLE and that I despised them. 

Whew. It is hard to write about now because I feel a little ashamed for being so upset. 

In those moments, and I am pretty sure most of us have had them, it is hard to think straight. We ONLY see our version and our hurt. It is very difficult to see the clear picture. 

This is where my husband, Lem, comes in. 

I call him on the phone and spew my poisonous mouth to him. He calmly listens and then, making me more upset, he tells me to calm down. 

UGHHHH. I hate when he does this. 

I want him to get mad with me!!! I always feel so immature when I am the only one spewing meanness. I want him to join me!

He doesn't. EVER. 

He says in his wise, which I hated at the time, voice..."Let's just wait and see what happens. Give it some time and see if it will work itself out."


The Lord reminds me, AGAIN, of the words of wise Naomi in the book of Ruth...

Then she said, “Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day.” Ruth 3:18

Be still. 


Be patient. 

These words sound like nails on a chalkboard when you are a momma bear ready to pounce!

I knew Lem was right. Deep down in my soul, morning after morning of reading God's Word...I KNEW what God wanted me to do. 

But, I did not want to do it. 

I wanted to react. And confront. And fight. 

The Lord and my very wise husband were saying the exact opposite of what I desperately wanted to do. 

Be still. 


Be patient. 

Many times in the past, I have not heeded these words. And have paid the price dearly. 

This time, I did. 

With every fiber of my being wanting to call this person and confront them---I did not. 

I sat still. I waited. I was patient. 

A few days later I learned that I was wrong. 

The matter did work itself out and my view of the situation was distorted. 

There were things I did not know that shed light on the situation. 

I would have looked like a complete fool if I would have reacted out of my flesh. 

We all know that feeling....of shame, regret, foolishness. 

Lem and Jesus showed me a different way....

The way of stillness. 

The way of waiting. 

The way of praying. 

Our husbands are not perfect, but so often they can see what we do not see. They can see the bigger picture when all we see is one side of a situation. 

Our husbands are the leaders of our home. Even if they are meek, even if they are quiet, even if they are least likely to be leader...

God has designed it this way. 

Listen to your husband. 

Even when you think he surely must not have an ounce of sense...

Listen to him. 

Respect what he says. 

Honor him. 

You will be so glad you did. 

We are foolish when we go against our husbands. Plain and simple. 

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. Proverbs 12:4

My husband is not a bible scholar. He is not at church 24/7 or a deacon or an elder at our church. 

And, it doesn't matter. 

God has given our husbands, no matter how spiritual they are, the leadership role. We are to honor and respect unto the The Lord. 

 In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over by observing your pure and reverent lives. 1 Peter 3:1

The world teaches us the opposite of this. 

We must know God's Way, and not just know it...

But, live it. 

Meanwhile, I will be at Wal-Mart looking for some cute patterned duct tape for this big mouth of mine. If you see my mouth taped up, pray for me!

the struggle is oh so real, 


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