May 14, 2020

7 Secrets....

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 Memory Scripture: We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 1 Corinthians 10:5

On October 3rd of 2019, I wrote 7 secret prayers in my prayer journal.

These were not just any prayers, they were BIG prayers. HUGE prayers. Crazy-sized prayers.

Before I wrote them down, I prayed and told God that even if He did not answer them, I would still believe. I would still trust Him. I would still pray.

As of today, May 14th 2020, 4 of the 7 secret prayers have been answered.

I am not telling you this to brag on my prayer life, but I am telling you this to brag on God.

He listens. He hears. He acts.

However, I had to pray, I had to be intentional, daily, with lifting up these secret requests.

If I am completely honest with you, around January I stopped praying for these things. Life got busy. I got distracted. Praying for 7 things on this list each day was put on the back burner.

God still answered.

Let me repeat that, God still answered.

Those prayers that I prayed from October 3rd until December?

Those prayer seeds were planted, and they sprouted.

Today, I decided to add to the list and to continue to pray for the other 3 things I had listed.

As we end the book of Esther in our reading plan, I have to wonder....

Did God choose her to be queen because of her prayer life?

We know she prayed and fasted.

Was becoming a queen on her secret  prayer list when she was a little girl?

Esther was adopted by her cousin, Mordecai. Her life was far from royalty.

Surely, she never dreamed she would be queen. Oh, but how I wonder if secretly she prayed for this very thing.

What if we prayed intentionally, fervently, and God-sized prayers every single day?

What if we petitioned these things day after day. What if we trusted Him, even if the answer He gives us is "no".

Here is the thing about prayer...

It draws us closer to Jesus. 

We start to think like Him. 

We start to have hearts aligned to His. 

We start to have greater faith...because we begin to see His Hand in everything. 

If we only ask for things that are safe for the asking...or things that will not disappoint us too much if we ask and He doesn't answer...

We miss out on seeing the Greatness of our God. 

We miss out on witnessing just how INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL He really is. 

We miss out on being able to share of His Greatness with others. 

I challenge you today...

Sit down in a quiet place.

Grab a pen and paper, or type on your phone notes.

7 prayers.

7 big prayers that you  greatly desire, even though they may seem crazy.

Before writing them, ask God to align your heart with His every single day that you pray those prayers.

Set a reminder on your phone to pray over those 7 things.

Lastly, surrender those things to Him.

No matter what happens, trust Him and surrender to His plan in the prayer process.

Prayer creates intimacy between us and Jesus, which is what our spirits so desperately crave most.

adding to my list.


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