Apr 21, 2020

Staying put...

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Memory Scripture: "So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work. " 1 Chronicles 28:10

My Momma Turkey Friend

Every day I walk the same route. Trying to get my 10,000 steps a day in.

I am a bit of a creature of habit, so I could walk this route with my eyes closed.

Part of this route loops around our high school.

Each day for many, many days, I pass by two little turkeys that our FFA take care of at the high school. My dog loves passing by them and barks every.single.time.

Last week, I noticed one of the turkeys was sitting perfectly still. She was far away from her little wooden shed and she looked distressed.

I talked to her for a minute, which I am sure would have made an onlooker suspicious of my sanity.

She did not budge.

Not knowing much about farm animals, I assumed she was hurt badly.

I took a mental note to check on her again the next day.

When I came back the following day, she was in the exact same spot. She had not moved an inch.

Quickly, I grabbed my phone and called a teacher I knew at the high school. I told her about this turkey that was clearly in distress and asked her to have someone check on it.

About 2 hours later, my teacher friend called me back.

"I have good news, Jill. Your turkey friend is sitting on 4 eggs. That's why she is not budging."


Feeling a little silly, I told her I was glad the turkey was okay and hopefully I did not cause too much panic in the FFA Department.

Passing by this momma turkey sitting on her eggs each day has made me think about some things.

(The Lord uses every circumstance in our lives to speak to us, doesn't He?)

This turkey persevered. Even through a terrible storm that rolled in through the night, she did not move.

She stayed in her place. 

She was protecting her nest. 

She had a job, and she was not searching for someone else to do it for her. 


She was immovable.

As I read through the book I mentioned to you all a few weeks ago, "Kisses from Katie", I have to admit something.

Often, after reading, I feel like my life is not near as important as hers.

I have often felt discouraged, like I am not doing "enough".

Clearly, she is changing the world, adopting 19 kids, and caring for all of their needs. And doing all the things.

 In Uganda.

Yet, here I sit. In my cozy little home and cozy little town taking care of my small nest.

After reading some of this book, I looked at her life and felt like maybe I was missing something.

Maybe I need to be doing "more".

My life just seemed so....minimal compared to hers.

I pondered. I prayed. I questioned the Lord daily about this.

Oh, but God had an answer for me by observing my little turkey friend.

I am to care for what He has given me.

A lot or little, it is important.

Whatever God has placed in my life is an opportunity.

Wherever God has placed me is an opportunity.

Whoever God has placed in my life is an opportunity.

Whether one person or one million, they are all important to Him.

I am to be like that little turkey.

Taking care of my nest.

Not budging when storms come--oh, and they do.

Not taking my eyes off of these people He has placed in my care for one second.

Motherhood is a calling.

Whether we are called to do it in Uganda, or Madison, Georgia.

Whether we are called to take care of one child or a thousand...

It all matters.

And it is more than enough. 

Friends, let's not get caught in the enemy's craftiest trap...

To compare ourselves to others.

To compare what we have to what others have.

To lessen our role as mothers because we don't seem to be making any kind of impact.

That is a lie.

Eve believed it too.

Eve thought surely there must be more. 

Surely, this wasn't it. 

Surely, her life could be better. 

We know how that story ended.

She lost all that she had because she believed a lie.

Mothers, let's cherish what we have.

Let's stay in our place. Not trying to move on to something else because our life doesn't seem big enough.

God's economy is so very different from ours.

He sees what we cannot see.

Ask Him to help you stay perched in your calling.

Digging in, and not moving until He tells you to.

Content with the opportunities that surround you.

Our memory scripture for this week was taken from our Bible Reading plan. I was so moved by these words of King David to his son, Solomon when instructing him to build the Lord's temple.

"So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work. " 1 Chronicles 28:10

I take these words to heart in regards to taking care of my flock here. I want to take it seriously, to be immovable, to be strong, and to do the work it requires.

Just like my little momma turkey friend.

staying put,


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