Sep 13, 2019

When all you want to do is run.....

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We have come to the book of Jonah in our reading. I can relate to Jonah so much.

God called Jonah, and he ran.

His running led him straight into the mouth of a whale.

Running from God's calling is never the right thing to do. Yet, we do it anyway.

Recently, one of my children hit a hard season.

This kid was facing trial after trial.

My first instinct was to RUN. I sat my husband down and told him that we were LEAVING this town. I was tired and could not take the battles anymore.

Every single day, I would get out my bible and pray scripture over my child. I would turn to worn pages in a beloved prayer book that I have and read them over and over and over.

Frustration set in. Nothing seemed to be changing.

I knew prayer was powerful, but I was beginning to wonder if the answer was to just run. Get away. Move somewhere else. Meet new people.

I felt like I was doing all the "right" things by praying, fasting and praying some more.

My stomach was constantly in knots. I could not eat. I could not sleep.

I lost 7 pounds...because my heart was in turmoil.

Then, the Lord spoke these words into my soul. Chills ran through my entire body as His Words engulfed my heart.

Be still. 

You are running. 

Be still. 

I will fight for your child, but you won't let Me. 

In all of my panic and fear struck ways, I had forgotten the very thing I needed most....

To be still.

To let God fight our battles.

To loosen my grip and believe with all my heart that God would fight for this child much better than I could.

My prayers of desperation were good, but my heart and mind were still squeezing the living daylights out of this battle.

Nothing could be done until I released this battle to the Lord.

Running away was not the answer.

Being still was the answer.

Resting in the Truth that He will fight for us, if only we will be still .[Exodus 14:14]

The battles we come across do not surprise the Lord. Why do they surprise us and strike fear into our hearts?

Because, we try to fight them with our flesh. We think if we pray the prayer one more time....then God will reward us with victory.

This still depends on us...and not on God. 

Do you find yourself in the thick of battle? If not for yourself, but for a loved one?

Stop fighting. And fretting. And running.

Be still.

Tell God that He alone will fight this will not step in.

He doesn't need an assistant.

He needs a trusting heart.

He needs a restful heart.

Then, His Power will be made perfect due to our absolute weakness. [2 Corinthians 12:8]

being still,


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