Apr 30, 2019

Our Great Assignment....

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 I know some days can be hard. Really hard.

But, keep going. Push through. You will be so very glad you did.

Today, we read about King Josiah. His father and great grandfather were some of the most evil kings in history.

However, Josiah was different.

Josiah's priest, Hilkiah uncovered God's law in the Lord's Temple. It had been sitting there for many years. Untouched.

Josiah quickly aligned the people he governed under the Law of God. He destroyed anything and anyone that was not in line with the book of God's Law.

He was a very successful King with a heart to serve the Lord.

Here is what sticks out to me here....

No wonder his parents and grandparents and so on were so evil....they had not been taught about God.

Not one father had passed the Law of God down to their children.

After all the Lord had done for this mighty nation, somewhere along the way, the teachings of Moses, given by God, had been forgotten about completely.

As a mother, this really resonates hard on my heart.

I have a huge responsibility here.

What am I teaching my children?

Do they know about Jesus?

Not just from sunday school, but from my own example.

Where are the bibles in my house?

Are they hidden on a dusty shelf, or maybe even on display but never open?

These passages from 2 Chronicles jolt me to life.

It starts with us.

Or it ends with us.

Which one will it be?

I want to leave my children with a legacy of faith.

No matter what path they choose, I want to know for sure that I led them to the Living Water of God's Word. That is my job.

The world will try its best to squash our teaching. To lead our kids down a path that seems shinier and more popular.

King Josiah knew it had to start with him.

He did everything in his power to follow God's Word and to lead his people to do the same.

Are we doing the same?

Oh, I sure want to.

But, sometimes its easy to get lazy. And tired.

Let King Josiah encourage you today.

Go, dust off that bible on the shelf.

Open it and let it breathe Life back into your weary lungs.

There is only way Way...and it's God's Way.

All else will lead to a path of destruction. Look no further than the Old Testament.

Parents, we have an assignment that is bigger than anything we could possibly imagine.

Are we leading our children to "Seek first the Kingdom of God?" Matthew 6:33

Let's encourage each other, friends.

The world needs a generation raised in the Lord and His Truth.

There is much work to be done.

forging ahead,


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