Jan 8, 2019

Don't stop....

So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived. Genesis 19:29

We are in the thick of some drama here in the book of Genesis. Good Lord.

Today, we read about Abraham and Lot.

Lot was spared being torched to death by fire because of Abraham's faithful prayers over him.

Some friends and I have been discussing this over Marco Polo. [do you use that app? It is pretty cool]

Anyway, we want to know why God spared Lot, if not just because Abraham asked Him to. Lot ended up being tricked into sleeping with his daughters---yes, you read that right. The daughters went on to have babies...and who needs Netflix when we have this drama??

So, I cannot help but see the mercy of God here.

Abraham was faithful. Oh, so faithful.

He prayed for his nephew Lot to be spared from the fiery raining sulfur--and God spared him.

My question to you is this...

Who are you praying for right now?

Maybe it seems hopeless. Hopeless with a capital H.

Maybe it seems like there is no way God could answer this prayer.

Maybe it seems that all of these years in desperate prayer for that child, that husband, that aunt, that uncle, that mother, that father, that friend....

Seem pointless.

Read this story in Genesis again.

God heard Abraham's prayers. And He answered.

Did Lot really deserve to be rescued? I do not know.

But, I do know that Abraham pleaded for Lot's life.

And God answered.

Don't stop pleading for the lives of those around you.

Just when it looks like fiery sulfur will rain down, God will rescue and deliver. In just the nick of time.

Don't stop praying,


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