Dec 3, 2018

What rules your heart?

Hi, there. I have about 7.25 minutes to write. So, here goes.

I love Christmas, I really do.

However, why is that I get this knot in my stomach every time I look at my calendar. Dates upon dates. Minutes upon minutes.

Sweating pools of liquid as I type.

Today, I was in the grocery store ordering my deli meat. The sweet lady asked me how I wanted my meat sliced....I froze.

My mind went blank...


Ummm, I don't know. I don't know anything because my heart and my mind are cluttered with thoughts.

She finally suggested "sandwich slices"?

I quickly nodded like a moron. Yes, yes, that's what I want. Thank you for being my brain today, precious lady that cuts my deli meat.

My morning fell apart in a matter of minutes today. I will not go into detail, but let's just say that one of my children will be grounded until they are in their mid-forties.

This scripture has been pounding my heart all day, "Let the Peace of Christ rule your heart..." Colossians 3:15

Breathe those words in slowly....

One more time.

Now, think about this....

What is ruling your heart?

Certainly God knew we would struggle with other "things" ruling our hearts, which is why He tells us to "let" the Peace of Christ rule in out hearts.

So many things have been ruling my heart lately.

None of which have been Christ.


Busy schedules.
Growing children.

Can you relate?

Take a deep breath.

Stop what you are doing, and ask Jesus to rule in that heart of yours.

It works.

Trust me, I have been asking Him all day long.

I find myself with so many tasks, so many to-do's, so many gifts to purchase, so many everything....

Do you?

But, what if we asked Jesus to be the ruler above all of those things.

What if we leaned into Him even as our calendars fills.

And let Him be the ruler of our hearts. 

We can have things to do. And gifts to buy. And jobs to work. And bills to pay. And kids to raise [and ground] And husbands to tend to...

And still let the Peace of Christ rule in our hearts.

What do you say?

letting Christ be the final rule,


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