Jun 29, 2017

I got crowned....

Well, yesterday I finally received my crowns.

Not the ones you are probably thinking.

The crowns that go in the mouth. You know, the dental kind of crowns. [insert an eye roll]

I have put these off for the better part of a year. Maybe more, but who's counting?

Dread is an understatement.

I abhor dental work of any kind. I get anxious. I get fearful. I just don't like people's hands in my mouth. Ever.

As I drove to the appointment, I asked my daughter to pray.

I felt some peace as she prayed a sweet prayer.

But, soon after, my stomach was in knots again.

When I arrived, they took me back. They plopped me in that big leather chair, and my hands were shaking. Really, I mean shaking.

I was thinking of every excuse possible to escape. I could tell them I was sick and needed to go. I could tell them there was an emergency and I needed to flee. I could tell them this was all a big mistake and I was fine without having crowns in my mouth!

Suddenly, I heard in my spirit the words, "Be thankful, Jill."

Huh? Who said that?

Thankful for what??


I immediately began praying. Not out loud. Because you know, they already think I am looney.

I thanked the Lord that I was able to have dental work done. I thanked the Lord that I could afford to pay for the "crowns" in my mouth. I thanked the Lord for my dentist and all who had studied the mouth and teeth and knew what the heck they were doing.

I prayed for our missionary friends, The Dubose's. Josh Dubose and his family are in Peru doing missionary work, and helping with the dental needs in that area. I thought about the many needs they must come across every single day.

I thanked God for how blessed I was to be able to have medicine to numb my mouth when many others do not have this privilege.

Eventually, my heart stopped racing. My hands stopped shaking, and I began to feel a huge rush of peace.

Half way into our little crowning session my dentist said, "Jill, you are so much less anxious than usual. I know you don't like dental work, but you are extra calm today."

I gave him a crooked, numb-mouthed smile, and said, "Prayer is powerful."

Replacing my fear and anxiety with gratitude changed everything. Instead of just praying for the fear to go away, I replaced the prayer with thankfulness and praying for others.

Maybe this is why Paul tells us:

Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Are you dreading something today?

Pray and give thanks.

Peace will come swiftly. Just ask my dentist.

newly crowned,



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