Jun 9, 2017

Go BIG...

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"Be truly glad .There is wonderful joy ahead" 1 Peter 1:6

Today is a big day in our house.

It's my husband's birthday!

Birthdays are big around here. My Mom always made them big for us growing up, and she still does.

We don't just get a birthday "day", we get a birthday "week"!

My Mom makes us feel so special and loved. Like, the day we were born was the greatest day of all!

So, I am trying to follow in her big footsteps with this tradition.

This morning, I woke up thinking, "How can I make Lem's day super special?"

However, instantly, I thought this thought, "I need to have this mentality every day! Not just birthdays!"

What if we chose to wake up every single day and celebrate our people?

What if we chose to shower our people with BIG love, BIG affection, BIG kindness, BIG attention, BIG acts of service, and BIG words of encouragement?

Our circumstances will not always make us want to desire to do this. [hello loud kids, laundry, and dirty dishes]

However, regardless of our circumstances, we can choose to do it anyway.

Let's celebrate our people BIG today. Not just because it may or may not be their birthday, but because we LOVE them and we want them to feel special and unique and loved.

Make them a cake. Write them a card. Buy them a treat. Surprise them with coffee or lunch. Play a game with them. Speak love over them.

Celebrate BIG today.

Celebrate BIG tomorrow.

Celebrate BIG forever.

going BIG,


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