May 30, 2017

Our kids are thirsty....

They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. Psalm 1:3

Finally, it happened. We got new grass. We also planted some  trees and bushes to liven up our landscape somewhat. Remember the story about the weeds? Yeah, well we still have plenty of those too.

The first week our yard was complete I spent every single day watering bushes and trees. Twice a day. Sometimes three times if it was a really hot and dry day.

Never in my life have I watered anything outside. Ever.

I was more of an inside work girl. Until now. [eye roll]

Day after day I stood over those bushes and trees watering. Watering. Watering.

It was incredibly boring. And long. It usually takes about 45 minutes to hit them all. [Yawn]

However, God gave me an insight as I was watering those newly planted trees one day.

He reminded me of why I was watering them.

I was watering them because they were dependent on me for nourishment.

I was watering them because they were young and tender and new.

I was watering them because I wanted them to be strong and not wither under the hot sun.

I was watering them because I wanted to sit under those trees one day and be refreshed by their beauty and stature.

In that moment, as I was pouring fresh water on my baby trees, I pictured my children.

My job is to water them. Daily.

My job as their mother is to soak them in the Word of God while I still can. While their roots are forming and deepening.

Just like watering those plants, it has to be consistent. I cannot just water my kids when I see them starting to wilt. I must water them to keep them from wilting.

The hardest part of watering these plants is not seeing much fruit at first. They look the same day after day.

But, I know that just because I don't see growth and is happening.

Just like with my children.

I don't always see a lot of growth. In fact, I can get downright discouraged and want to throw my tired arms up in the air and give up.

But, then I remember....

I must keep watering them.

My job is to water...

God's job is grow them.

I don't know how my children will turn out in the end.

I pray daily they will be strong men and women of God.

However, God has the ultimate job. He grows the heart. He also decides how tall they will grow, and what kind of fruit they will produce.

I cannot hover over an apple tree and make it produce peaches. I just cannot.

God decides what comes from the plant...

We just water.


The best way to water our children is by prayer.

Another way to water our children is by reading the Word over them. Teaching them in daily instruction about God.

They will get tired of your stories. Trust me. But, their hearts are like sponges. They will drink in the water even if you don't think they are thirsty.

Standing over my children and being anxious of how they are turning out will not produce a better fruit. It will only drive me crazy and my kids too.

But, I know if I just do the job of watering...

God will be the one that allows the growth when I step away.

I don't have to hover over those trees to make them grow. I just have to be consistent with them. Giving them fresh water and trusting God with the rest.

My prayer is that He will send others to water my children when I cannot be there. Pouring water into their thirsty hearts, sprinkling  them with Truth.

[Thank you, Lord, for those that water our children! Teachers, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, mentors, youth leaders...praise God for them!]

My prayer is to one day sit back and look at those trees that were watered so fervently and remember fondly the long, hot days of watering them. I hope those trees will be tall, statuesque, strong-rooted, and reaching high towards Heaven.

I pray those trees will bless many from generation to generation. Bringing refreshment and joy to all that sit under their broad branches.

I pray those same deep roots and broad branches for my children. May their lives bear much fruit and extend from generation to generation.

time to water,


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