Mar 7, 2017

He wants you....

Some friends and I have been doing an amazing bible study together for the past 7 weeks. It's "Seamless" by Angie Smith.

Basically, it weaves together the Old Testament and the New Testament into one "seamless" story of God's plan.  We have read Genesis through Revelation in 7 weeks. We are officially bible scholars.

No, not really. We really didn't read all of those chapters and we are definitely not bible scholars. But, it was fun to say that.

As we studied the very broad outline of our bibles, something has not been able to escape my attention. And, my attention span is not long.

What was I saying?

Oh, yes, the bible study.

The thing that has been standing out the most in my heart is the people God chose to be a part of His Story.

These people were very flawed. Like, think murderers and such. Yeah, flawed.

Beginning with Adam and Eve.

They didn't pass the faith test. [remember the whole apple on the tree thing?]
Yet, God chose them to be the first human creations, and to procreate and populate the rest of the whole blessed earth.

Then, there was Moses.

Not the most likely fella.

He had a great beginning. But, in his later years he was a little dried up and done.

Or, at least he thought he was. God had other plans for ol' Mos.

When Moses was 80, yes 80, God called Moses to do some amazing things. Like, freeing the Israelites from Egypt. Not a small task.

Moses had a stuttering issue. And, lacked confidence. And, well, he was a little long in the tooth.

But, God used him. Mightily. [just take a peak at Exodus]

Or, how about David? [1 &2 Samuel]

Not the likely choice. At all. He was not the cutest in the bunch. His brothers were much more tall and handsome. But, God chose David to be the next King.

Oh, and there was that tiny little incident with Bathsheba. David had an affair with her, they were both married, and she got pregnant. David freaked out and arranged for her hubby, Uriah, to be killed at war.

So, let's see....adulterer, murderer,..check, check.

Then, there was Peter. One of Jesus' 12 disciples. Yes, one of the 12.

Peter had a pride problem. A faith problem. And a mouth that would not shut-up. *I can't relate* [KIDDING]

Yet, God had big plans for Peter. Including writing 2 letters of the New Testament. [1 & 2 Peter]

We cannot forget about Paul.

Oh, Paul. Paul, Paul, Paul.

He was a tough one.

His younger years consisted of killing Christians. Yes.  He was a dirty scoundrel.

Yet, God opened his eyes from darkness [literally], and Paul became one of the greatest disciples of all time. Spreading the gospel into Asia Minor, Europe, and many other places. His bold teaching style, seriously bold, was not a welcome message to Jews living under the letter of the law. They did not like to hear about grace, faith, and especially not Jesus Christ.

God took the knowledge that Paul had from being a devout, yet persecuting Jew, and converted him into one of the greatest preachers the world has ever known.

One last person I forgot to mention [memory issues], Rahab. She was a prostitute, you read that right, who helped the Israelites in capturing a city of the Promised Land, Jericho.

Oh, and she was in the lineage of Jesus Christ Himself. Yep. A prostitute in the family line of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Only God could write a story like this.

Here's what I need you to know...

If God can use these people....

God can and will use YOU.

You are without excuse. WE are without excuse.

There is not one of you who's story is so stained with sin and bad decisions that God cannot use you .

And, obviously there is no age requirement either.

You have a purpose. A calling. A story to tell.

If you are reading this with your eyes and breathing in the fresh smell of computers and/or IPhone screens, then your story is still being written.

Hear me on that? Your story is still being written.

God used these people....not because of their perfection, but because of their flaws.

Without flaws, we would be a big ol' pile of smelly pride.

Our flaws make us humble. Our flaws carry the scars of pain, hurt, and the need for dependence on God alone.

Our flaws draw us to the One who is perfect.

His Power is made perfect in our weakness. [2 Corinthians 12:9]

But, we have to let Him. We must submit to His Authority and surrender ourselves to His plan. Not ours.

Your story is still being written. Will you give God the pen once and for all?

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26



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