Aug 11, 2016

Shine bright like a diamond...

For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God's glory displayed in the face of Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6

Sometimes I think people would think I am absolutely off my rocker if I were to tell them of the things God does. Or the things He shows me to get my attention. I am sure you have stories as well.

At the risk of you thinking I am off my rocker, I will share with you something that happened just this week.

After some intense prayer time with the Lord, I gathered myself up and began to make our bed. The gleam of something big and shiny lying on my husband's side table caught my eye.

I picked it up. It looked like a massive diamond. I mean, huge.

Of course, I knew it wasn't real, but it was in such a random place. It must have fallen off of something. I still have no idea what, but certainly it must have come off of something. But, why was it lying on the side table near my husband's bible? So strange.

Instantly, I recalled a conversation that I had with two friends within the last couple of days. I had encouraged both of them to keep on doing the right thing even when it felt so wrong. I reminded both of them that just like diamonds. adversity makes us stronger and shine brighter.

I am not a geologist by any means, but I do remember reading somewhere that diamonds are formed by very high pressure and heat. Also, usually below the Earth's surface.

The result after the heat, the pressure, and the intense labor, a beautiful diamond is formed.

The same is true with us. Without the pressure, without the hard, without the extreme temperature, we do not become stronger or brighter.

Stumbling across this fake diamond this week was a gigantic reminder to my heart. When things don't seem to be making sense, or working out. When things are hard, when prayers seem unanswered, when the pressure of life is too much to bear....

I will look at this diamond and be reminded of what God is doing. He is doing some intense refining of my heart, in order for me to reflect Him beautifully.

I would never know how to love better if it didn't know the pain of rejection and loss. 

I would never know how to appreciate the simple and the ordinary if it weren't for the complicated and complex seasons of my life. 

I would never have compassion enough to help another if I had not also been in a helpless state in desperate need of a friend. 

I would never know the refreshment of His Living Water, if I had not first been parched in a dry land. 

I would never know the goodness and holiness of the Lord if I had never seen such extreme sin.

I would never know the overwhelming warmth  of a life devoted to Him if I had not first known the darkness of a life without Him. 

I would never know the peace of contentment if my heart had not been strongly rooted in deep discontent. 

I would never know the freedom of being a servant to Christ, if I would have not known the bondage of being slave to this world. 

What you are going through today, will make you stronger tomorrow.

You may not see it happening, but it is.

Just like diamond's are formed beneath the Earth's surface, so is the refining of your beautiful heart.

Without adversity, we will never shine and reflect Christ.

Without the pain of Jesus' death on the Cross, we would never taste the insatiable sweetness of a relationship with the Father.

It's for your good, sweet friend.

Don't fight what He's doing....

but surrender to Him.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

you are a diamond in the rough,


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