Sep 12, 2014

A Soul in Need....

September Reading Plan: Psalm 31-60
September Memory Verse: Psalm 34:1
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"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?" Psalm 42:1

What is your soul panting for today? Really, think about it. If you were to look back on yesterday, the day before, the day before that, last month, last year...

What does your soul panting look like?

Is it for peace peace in your home or marriage?

Is it for healing?

Is it for financial relief?

Is it for joy?

Is it for the well-being of your children?

What if our soul only panted for God. Nothing else.

What would that look like?

How would that change our days?

I think it would change our days drastically.

When our soul is panting, the only fulfillment is God.

We fill our lives with so many other things....fillers. 

Fillers can never take the place of God.

If we are too busy for God, we are too busy.

If we are too busy to pray, we are too busy.

Life is chaotic. It's spinning. It's busy.

We often find ourselves running in circles exasperated by the end of the day.

Some days we plop in bed, and remember that we didn't pray once that day. Not once.

Our souls are panting for God. Dehydrated, empty, starving.

If you see a hungry man on the road, do you give him advice or do you give him food?

You give him food. He doesn't care about your advice until his belly is full.

When our souls are empty, hungry, and thirsty....

We need to feed it with God.

Our lives will be so much more effective and productive after we spend time with Him and feed off of His Living Word.

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

Meet with God today. Wherever you are. Stop. Be still. Talk to Him. Listen to Him. Read His Word, and let Him breathe life back into your weary soul.

a panting soul,


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