Jul 1, 2014

Speak it, sister!.....

July Reading: Psalm 1-31 {Read a Psalm a day}
July Memory Chunk: Psalm 1:1-3
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 Today, we begin a new chapter of the Bible! Are you excited? Me too!

I have chosen something light and easy for the month of July. Many of you are traveling, have kids home with you, or you just plain have a lot on your plate this month.

We will be reading a Psalm a Day. There are 31 days in July, so we will read 31 Psalms this month.

Brilliant, right? *tongue in cheek*

A new memory chunk too, Psalm 1:1-3. You will love these scriptures, pinkie promise.

I have a little story to tell you about the book of Psalms.

Psalm has a very special place in my beating little heart. For many reasons.

In May of this year, {May 9th to be exact}, the Lord prompted me to memorize a Psalm a day. How did He prompt me, you ask?

Well, I was reading through the book of Psalms that day, and I felt this nudge {hello, Holy Spirit}, to get to know the Psalms better. To make them more personal in my day to day life.

I wasn't really sure how to incorporate this, since my days were already kind of crazy and full. How
could I carry a scripture memory card with me everywhere I went, and then remember to look at it?? I could barely remember to brush my teeth as I left the house!

This is why God is God, and I am not. He let me in on a genius way to help me remember my Psalm for the day.

"Type it on your phone. Text the psalm to yourself each day, and you will have it at your fingertips all day long."

Hello, brilliant. Just brilliant.

There's one thing I never leave home without....my PHONE. *sad, but true*

Y'all know I am not smart enough to think of this myself. It could only be from God!

So, from that day on, I have texted myself Psalms to try and memorize each day.

The reason I text it instead of putting it in my "notes" on my phone, is because I see it a lot more often on my text screen. I would have to actually pull up my notes, an extra step I really didn't need.

Here's the truth of it all....

It's not that God wants me to just have a head full of Psalms to pull out of my hat and regurgitate to anyone that would listen.....no, that's not it at all.

He wants me to have Psalms in my head and in my heart because that's where my head and heart always need to stay.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

The Lord knows this little heart of mine better than I do. He knows how quickly it can spin off into a muddy ditch if I am not careful. He knows how quickly my thoughts can get away from me if I don't have the Word of God to reign them back in.

When I "on purpose" fill my head and heart with the goodness and truth of His Word, I stay on track so much better.

Obviously, that story I told y'all on Friday was not a Psalm memory day. It sure should have been though! Maybe if I would have been singing Psalms, I would not have fallen off the wagon so hard with my ugly mouth!

When you read a chapter a day of Psalms this month, soak it in. Read it slow. Read it aloud if you can. God loves to hear our voices praising Him!

When I say a Psalm, or any bible verse out loud, it seems even more powerful! It produces even more faith in my heart when it is spoken.  My ears are able to hear it. My brain then processes it differently than if I would have just silently read it.

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" Romans 10:17

Think of it this way: We can think many great things about our loved ones. However, when we turn those thoughts into words, they mean something! They seem to stick! They also bless the receiver in a huge way!

When we speak God's Word out loud, or even have it spoken to us,  we give the words power in our lives. We make the words become not just something to consider or to think about, but something being declared with  authority.

There are so many instances of where God and Jesus spoke in the Bible. Let's give His Word a voice, shall we?

Are you ready for some Psalm reading, girls?

Let's do this!

a psalm a day keeps the doctor away, *cheesy, I KNOW*


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