May 28, 2014

Summer of Self-Control......

Today's Reading: Ezekiel 17
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Yesterday was our official first day of Summer in the Hill house.

I had grandiose plans for my children and me.

Somehow, things didn't turn out quite like I had planned.

By noon, I was exhausted, exasperated, and down-right ugly.

My kids were driving me bananas, and I was ready for a mammoth melt-down.

Earlier, on our walk in the neighborhood, I was teaching them about the importance of staying spiritually healthy, mentally healthy, and physically healthy. As I told them our Summer plans for incorporating all three of these elements into our Summer routines, we decided on our Summer theme.

Every Summer we decide on a theme. It usually just happens organically. This year was no different.

Joseph, my son, came up with our theme this Summer.......

The Summer of Self-control.

"It's one of the fruits of the Spirit", he proclaimed. "We could all work on this one, Mom."

I smiled at him and said I thought it was perfect.

Little did I know how desperately I needed this certain fruit of the Spirit. Whew.

Our day went down hill soon after lunch.

It started when I was in the middle of showing the kids a documentary on World War 2 {our mentally healthy element} and the phone rang. It was my sweet and darling {ahem} husband.

When the kids told him we were watching the documentary, he got a little upset that we didn't wait on him to watch it.

He expressed his desire for all of us to watch it together, and I hit the roof. I mean, HIT THE ROOF.

I quickly reminded him that we were still  waiting on him to watch the "Bible" series with him from TWO years ago! My voice raised, my blood pressure sky rocketed, and the kids got a big ol' dose of a momma in need of some self-control.

As I squeezed in another 10 minutes of the documentary, clearly going against Lem's wishes, I smirked a little to myself that I was being a little rebellious towards him. {shameful, I know}

My kids said repeatedly, "but Dad said not to watch it".

Yes, mother of the year over here.

Clearly defiant. Clearly rebellious. Clearly lacking self-control.

Yours truly.

Several episodes of kids fussing, kids talking back, and kids getting on my last nerve....I hit the roof, again. I fell apart like a two dollar watch. And then some.

Finally, I was able to hit the back porch, bible in my lap, and tears on my cheeks.

The kids were probably grateful for my time outside. They needed a break from me. Shoot, I needed a break from me!

My daughter finally walked on the back porch and said, "Momma, it really hurts that you called me a heeven."

"Heeven is not a word, darling. I said you were acting like a heathen. I didn't actually call you a heathen. You were just acting like one in that moment."

She replied, "I'm really not even sure what a heathen is momma, but I think it's a werewolf."

I giggled.

God taught me a lot yesterday. The main lesson being how easy it can be to tell your kids to have self-control, yet easily display to them a lack of self-control at any given moment.

I bet you can guess what the Hill's will be working on this Summer....


How about you?

Are you in need of some self-control in an area of your life?

Join us.

Accountability is a good thing.

Our Memory Verse:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control." Galatians 5:22-23 

Sounds like a fantastic memory verse to me!

I'll keep you posted on how we are doing on this self-control thing. ;)

working on some self-control,


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