May 2, 2014

Let it go.......

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 49:1-33
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Really, you just have no idea how God uses our weekly memory verses in my life each week. I think He wants them to stick. {note to self--be cautious in choosing a memory verse!}

This week's verse has come up in several conversations. Mostly with my children.

"I will contend with those who contend with you" Isaiah 49:25

My daughter had a {very} minor issue at school with a little friend, I reminded her of our memory verse and what Jesus would have her do in this situation.

 {Of course, my fleshy momma bear self wanted to tell her to tell that little friend to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!}

 But, I controlled my emotions...and my tongue. {thankfully, although barely}

She came home that afternoon just smiling and talking about how much she loved school and her little friend that had hurt her feelings. Her little world was just as it should be.


Thankfully, God worked that one out quick before I got all "momma-bearish" again.

My little girl is learning that God will take care of her. She just has to trust Him and let Him.

Oh, so much easier said than done.


Especially the older we get. As we progress in age, the more stubborn, hard-headed, and set-in-our ways we can become.

Or, maybe it's just me. :)

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

What are you not trusting God to contend with? Get real with Him.

Dig deep, and present that request to Him. He already knows it's there anyway.

What's keeping you from relinquishing that pain and hurt to Him? Is there some sort of satisfaction from holding on to it?

I can tell you from experience...holding on to pain, only continues to hurt us. It's true.

There's freedom when we let go. There's healing when we give it to the Healer.

Maybe you have convinced others that you have moved on and are past the hurt, but little darling, God knows better. He sees that hurt and He desperately wants to heal you.

"The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed" Psalm 103:6

"He redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion" Psalm 103:4

Just recently, God showed me an area that I needed to give to Him. I was not prepared for what He showed me. It never occurred to me I was not trusting Him in that particular area.

One honest prayer later, I was healed. It was truly that quick.

He wants to heal you, He wants to contend for you. You just have to let Him.

Let it go.

"Let it GOOOOOOOOOO"....

{I can't help but sing the song "Let it go" from the movie "Frozen" as I type this! Be glad you are not within earshot of me. Be very glad.}

Okay, I'm cheesy, now you know.

let the healing begin,


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