Apr 28, 2014

Let Him fight for you.....

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 42, 43
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Our Memory Verse for this week:

"I will contend with those who contend with you"
 Isaiah 49:25

I really love the NLT translation. It says it like this:

"For I will fight those who fight you".

Sounds so simple, and so sweet, doesn't it?

Oh, but this verse is powerful. It speaks volumes about God's protection over His children.

I have had to lean in and draw strength from this verse many times.

Sometimes in life we are betrayed, deceived, taken advantage of, lied to, lied about, rejected, neglected, abandoned, made fun of, talked about, laughed about.....the list goes on.

When this happens we tend to want to retaliate or retreat.

My personality is to retreat.

I sink deep. I feel worthless. I feel useless in these seasons of heartache.

However, when I wrap my heart around the Truth of this verse, and stand on the Promise that lies within this scripture---I feel peace rush in.

No matter who hurts us.....God will deal with the accuser. Every single time.

We may not always know when or how He deals with them, oh but you can bet your sweet lips that He will.

The problem lies when we try to retaliate or make it right. We tend to want to seek our own justice.

This never works. Let me repeat--from a repeat offender-this NEVER works.

We get all up in the space of God's perfect design when we jump in and start demanding our way and our will be done. We often demand the punishment we see fit for the crime committed against us.

However, when we sit back,  pray, and faithfully trust Him....He moves. He heals. He contends.

Usually, our hearts change in the process. We are softened when we don't carry the grudge or burden of the hurt on our own shoulders. We no longer want to retaliate, we just want peace. Peace that can only come from a heart surrendered to trust the Lord with it all.

There is also a flip side to this.....

We must remember this same verse when we are the ones that do the hurting When we are the ones that gossip, spread lies, reject, discriminate, abandon, speak harshly, ...etc.

When we mess with God's people we will also be contended with. Gulp.

I'll be straight up honest. I have had to be contended with by God before.

 Let's just say...... it wasn't real pretty. At all.

I never want to go there again. Ever.

My lesson was learned. The hard way.

Is there something that you need to let go of and let God contend with? I pray that you give all of that contending over to Him today.

He will contend.

He will fight.

His Word promises.

The end.

giving it all to the Ultimate Fighter,


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