Apr 11, 2014

Fun Friday Give-away!!!

Today's Reading: Matthew 26:57-75 
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Two things you need to know this Friday morning. Yes, just two.

First, I want YOU to participate in our annual Madison in May 5K.

So, you haven't ever been in a 5K, you say?

Great reason to check that off of your bucket list!

Walking or running or crawling (your choice), surrounded by your SHINE girlfriends...is there a better way to do a 5K? I didn't think so. ;)

Here is the link. Go, register. Bring the family. Wear YELLOW if possible! We want to SHINE together! (and plus, I just really, really love yellow) :)

Let me know if you plan on attending. Bring your friends, your enemies (just kidding), your family, your bible study group, your co-workers, whoever! Just come! The route is beautiful! If you have never been to Madison, Ga...you need to come. Plus, I really want to meet more of you!!! (selfish, I know)

We will take a lot of pictures, so you need to be in them!  (Be there by 7:00 am if possible, race starts at 7:30)

Okay, second thing...

Are you ready for this?

OOOH, I can hardly contain myself!

We have a SHINE Girls Give-away!

My super incredible friend, Kim Jaynes, donated this beautiful prize!

Want to see it??
The verse written on the bracelet is our Memory verse from this week....
Jeremiah 29:11.
Yes, I know. It's awesome!
(that's Kim's beautiful hair-less wrist)

My really greedy fleshy stingy side wanted to keep it. I decided I better not. You know, since it has a scripture on it and all. ;)

Here is how you can win this beautiful bracelet to show the world on your darling little wrist....

Tell us what you LOVE about Spring!

It can be one word, one sentence, a paragraph...whatever! Make sure to leave your name so that I can contact you if you are the winner! I will draw the name some time this weekend.

Here is mine for example: I love the warm air and the blooming of flowers all around! Jill Hill

I don't usually leave the comment section open due to spam overload,  but I will on this post. If you have trouble leaving a comment, email me at shinegirlsshine at gmail dot com.

So, what's your Fun Friday Challenge you ask?

Register for the Madison in May 5K, and comment below to win this prize!

My Friday is now complete. A 5K with my girls, and a cool bracelet to give away. Ahh. Welcome Spring!

finding my yellow shirt for the race,



  1. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love the singing of birds in the mornings!! Spring brings sunshine, longer days with my kids, warmer runs, friend get togethers, porch dates with my husband, and so much more!!! Love!! Of course I will be at the race with you!! Erin Spinks

  2. Anonymous4/11/2014

    Easter! Kay

  3. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love seeing everything green and colorful. I love the temps in the 70's. Not to hot and not too cool....just right! I love camping with my friends and family. I will be at the race. May try to walk with my gimp leg if not I'll be the cheerleader! Ashley Brown

  4. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love spring! Reading on my front porch swing, Easter outfits, and flowers!! But this Spring is extra special - it's our baby's 1st Spring! I prayed for years for this sweet girl and now she's here! :) best spring ever! KRISTY GRIFFIN

  5. Spring!!! The time that God reminds me that everything has been made new...including ME! Love the longer nights, warmer weather, and time with my sweet family! And yes, I'll be at the race!!!! Can't wait! Stacey Lancaster

  6. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love Sittingg on Front porch watchin the birds and i also love love Easter !!!!! Jennifer Archer

  7. Molli Brown4/11/2014

    My favorite things about spring is the warmer weather (usually - lol), spring flowers, and getting my toes done because I can now break out the flip-flops! But my most favorite thing about spring is the Easter season and getting to really soak up all that love Christ had for me when He died on the Christ and rose again to forgive all my - little ole me - sins!! Amazing!!

    I hope everyone has a most amazingly blessed spring!

    Molli Brown

  8. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love Spring because it's beauty and love all around. New life and new beginnings. Spring makes me happy to be alive and ready to face the day.

    Carrie Smith

  9. Anonymous4/11/2014

    Longer days, sunshine, clean cars, and sweet tea.

  10. Sweet new life... Flowers, trees, animals. Spring is a fresh new start. I love planting seeds and watching for the tender new shoots to emerge.

    Wish I could join you for the 5k. Go Yellow!!!

  11. Spring is all about new beginnings! I love to walk around the yard and show my girls all the flowers that are popping up after hiding all winter. I love seeing my family all dressed up for Easter. But most of all, just a chance to remember Jesus' new beginning when He arose out of the tomb for me!! Happy spring!- Tina Snipes

  12. Anonymous4/11/2014

    Parks and festivals in town. Being outside with family. Kelly Sewell.

  13. Anonymous4/11/2014

    What I love about Spring..... I love the hint of warmer weather yet still not blistering hot. I love the blooming of beautiful flowers and how the color around us is all coming back. I don't like how it affects my allergies haha but I do love the beauty Spring brings. Have a blessed weekend!

    Osteen, FL

  14. I love all the colors of spring! God is such an artist! I LOVE Easter and all my family traditions that come along with it! And my birthday is the beginning of spring! Yay for spring time!!

    Angela Crowe ~

  15. Anonymous4/11/2014

    I love spring because it's close to the end of the school year and I get to do fun things with my grandkids!

    Ladona :)

  16. The sounds...I love the sounds of spring. My racing, busy thoughts suddenly become aligned with the tweeting of the little birds and then comes PEACE!-- Kelly Benise


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