Mar 26, 2014

Be Still Already.....

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 23
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Happy Wednesday! I have attached a short VLOG {video blog}--for you tech-challenged folks, like myself.

God has been just so faithful this week, girls. In this VLOG, I share something He layed on my heart last week regarding being still in His Presence.

Please note that I do realize a couple of things from this video:

First,  I say" umm",  a lot. I promise to work on that for future VLOGS.

Second, I obviously need to get to memorizing our memory verse, due to the fact that I READ it to you instead of speaking it from memory! Working on that too.

Third, all vanity goes out the window when 2 inches from a camera in your face! I mean, I could go on for days at the vulnerability of my face on WIDE SCREEN. Humility at its finest.

I love you girls so much. Thank you for loving me, despite my "ummm's" and my over-sized face on your computer screen.

May the Lord refresh you this week as you choose to "be still" before Him.

trying to be still,


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