Oct 6, 2013

Monday SHINE....

Reading Plan for week of 10/7-10/13:

Monday 10/7: 1 Kings 16:18-34
Tuesday 10/8: 1 Kings 17, 18
Wednesday 10/9: 1 Kings 19
Thursday 10/10: 1 Kings 20
Friday 10/11: 1 Kings 21
Saturday 10/12: 1 Kings 22
Sunday 10/13: John 1:1-18

 Hello, sweet SHINE girls!!

This week will look a little different. I will not be posting, but we will still be reading.

Say that last line with me again: "but we will still be reading."

Got it? Okay, good.

Also, we will not have a memory verse this week. I want you take this week and rest in His Presence. Many of us are on Fall break this week. Take this time and soak up His Word. No blog to read, no comments to post or read--just you and God. Together in His Word.

Enjoy your vacation with The Lord! You're in for an intimate and breathtaking ride, sweet girls.

I love you. So much.

He loves you. So much more.

Resting in His Word,


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