Oct 10, 2013


Hey there, lovely SHINE girls!

I hope you are enjoying your week of rest and solace with Him.

If you are one of our "homework" girls, this post is for you. ;)

I challenge and encourage you to read it, review it, and stay accountable in your reading by doing the homework questions with us. :) It will keep you on target, and it will help you to dig even deeper.

Keep reading His great and miraculous Word, girls. You are being changed from the inside out, and it's a BEAUTIFUL sight. You SHINE brighter and brighter each day your face stays close to His. It's breathtaking, truly.

Homework from our reading this week:

1) In 1 Kings 18:25-28 we see the prophets of Baal desperately asking their gods to show themselves. Elijah had challenged their god in a contest to see if their god would show up. Elijah wanted to prove to these people once and for all that his God was the only God. When the Baal god did not show up, the prophets of Baal become so frantic that they slashed themselves and shed their own blood to get their gods attention. Nothing happened.

I'm struck by something here.

Have we not at some point in our walk with our Lord challenged Him to show Himself? Have we blackmailed Him and demanded that He show up because we want Him to do our will?

When we are not walking closely with Him we get our desires confused with His desires. In other words, we walk outside of His will, and then expect Him to show up and make us look good.

If you would like, please share an example in class of a time when you were walking outside of His will, and expected Him to show up. What ended up happening?

The difference in us and the prophets of Baal, is that we do serve the One True God. In serving Him, we must walk where He walks. Follow where He leads. If we are not doing this, we are walking away from Him. We begin to trust our way instead of His, which is dangerous.

2) 1 Kings 19:3: Why was Elijah afraid after his great and awesome victory? Can you relate to Elijah's fear? Have you ever experienced a great and miraculous moment with the Lord, only to be back on your face soon after? Why do you think this happens? Give an example of an experience you have had with this very thing.

3) Read 1 Kings 19:11-15. How did God reveal Himself to Elijah? How does this speak to you about how God can often reveal Himself to us? What must we do in order to clearly hear Him?

Oh, girls, this speaks so much to us. Pray and ask the Lord to receive what He is telling you through these passages. We live in a "seeing is believing" kind of world. So many distractions. Day in and day out. We must make sure we don't look for God in places that He will not be found. Our God is Holy, and He is jealous for our attention. Let's don't let the world draw us away by it's loud and clamoring ways. Be still before Him.  "Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

happy homework-ing,


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