Oct 14, 2013

A Time for Everything....

Dear SHINE sisters,

As I sat down to write you, I opened my Bible for strength and the "words" to say to you today.

You will never believe the verse that I turned to as I anxiously awaited God's leading in this post.

"Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." Psalm 34:5. 

This verse is at the very top of this website, it is engraved on a necklace that I wear around my neck that my dear sister gave me. This verse is one of the verses SHINE girls was found upon.

God showed me this verse very early in our ministry, day two or three, I think. It has been our life verse for this ministry.

So, to have it blazing in my face when I opened my Bible just now, is well.....only a Jesus thing. That's for sure.

22 months ago, God asked me to follow this amazing journey with Him. A journey of seeking Him daily in His Word. A journey of pursuing Him like never before.

Many of you have been on this journey with me since day one. Many of you have just joined recently. Either way, my heart is overjoyed at the thought of all of you standing shoulder to shoulder to me as we trek through His Awesome and Holy Word each day.

Learning, growing, falling down, picking each other back up...every single day.

I never knew such a community of fellowship could exist among women, until the Lord showed me with my very own eyes.

The Lord is speaking very clearly to me now. When we are in His Word, we cannot help but to hear Him, friends. It's just that simple.

Last week, I spent a glorious Fall break with my children. I didn't write or blog. In fact, I even sent an email to many of my friends telling them that I was taking a "texting" break. I felt the Lord leading me to a distraction-free week.

A week of hearing from Him, and Him only.

I enjoyed every peaceful second of last week. God was showing me the beauty in the quiet. The whisper of Peace. The fulfillment of Him and Him alone.

My children are still young. As of 14 months ago, we have a third child under our roof. Life is very very full. Like, many of your lives.

The ministry that I desire most, is in my  home.

This ministry must come first if He is to bless me with more ministry opportunities. The overflow of my home ministry, will naturally flow into other ministries--if it is His will.

"If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones." 
Luke 16:10

This verse has been on "repeat" in my heart for weeks now. God is telling me, "Jill, I have entrusted to you these little small people under your roof. Be faithful in training them up, be faithful in your time with them. My desires become your desires when you are faithful with the small things. The small things are often overlooked when you  focus on the bigger things. Trust me in this."

Everything that we have done on SHINE--the reading, the Monday memory verses, the fun Friday challenges, Serve-day Thursdays, etc...all of this was stemmed from my own home life with my children. We started these things before I ever dreamed many of you would be doing this with us. Hand in hand, day by day.

He was showing me that all those talks in the car, those verses the children and I sang and memorized together...they have all been part of a bigger plan. A plan that could only be fulfilled when the smaller plan was practiced--day in, day out.

As I rested last week in His Presence, and sought Him in His Word, He spoke to me. His gentle, sweet whisper teaching me, guiding me, pursuing me.

He's telling me to rest in Him for a while. In order to pour out to others, I must be getting filled by Him. I cannot run too far ahead, or I will get weary and tired.

Maybe this is a season, and then He will call me back to this online ministry. Maybe this is the end.

I'm not sure. Only the Lord knows for sure.

This is what I do know: I don't want to miss a day with Him. Not even a second. When He speaks, I want to listen. Not just listen, but obey. Even when my flesh cries and doesn't understand, I know He knows what's best for me.

As I am typing this my daughter is brushing my hair. I cannot help but to think of the symbolism of this act taking place.

This time is short with her under my roof.

Our greatest ministries are often the ones right under our noses. The ones that may get overlooked at times.

I encourage all of us--to not overlook the small things. Those small things are the really big things to God. Those small things become the really big things.

Thankfully, God has given me the gift of a Wednesday night group to continue on with through my church. A face-to-face, heart-to-heart group.

SHINE girls will continue. Just not in this format for now.

I will still write, oh yes. My writing is my expression of my love for Him. I will still post what He is teaching me, what I am learning--when He prompts me to write about it.

I encourage you to stay in His Word. Stay accountable in a small group, or a bible study. You may think you don't need this, but you do. We all do.

The Lord teaches us to connect with each other--not just online, or texting or phone calls --but through meeting, praying, encouraging, lifting each other up.

"And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, 
but encourage one another, 
especially now that the day of his return is drawing near."
 Hebrews 10:25

Please keep reading His Word. It's Life. 

To continue on with us, you can access the reading plan at this site:


{this is actually the whole 3 year plan! we are on year one}

My SHINE girls Wednesday night group and I will still be reading, still be studying, and still be meeting. 

One last note: As I cried my eyes out at church yesterday about this with two of my mentors--Becky Foy and Robyn Bailey-- they both said this:

"Sometimes we miss the GREAT things that God has for us because we get tied up with so many "good" things."

Oh, girls, let's don't miss the GREAT things. Let's listen. Let's obey. Let's follow Him. Wherever He leads.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"
Ecclesiastes 3:1

missing you already,



  1. Ashley Moon10/14/2013

    I love these verses, Jill you are such an amazing woman of God, I look up to you! Enjoy those little things!! I Love You, and thank you for making me a better person.

  2. I have grown so much through this ministry! Thank you for leading us into a deeper more spiritual version of friendship - a true sisterhood of God girls.
    I'm proud of your brave step today. May the Lord bless you for the way you have blessed all of us!
    Love you so much!!

    1. Thank you for being right by my side. love you much.

  3. Jill, I'm astounded. Choked up. Stilled by the truth of your words...and obedience. As I turn a major corner with Jesus in ministry and writing, I'm gripped by Him showing me the two things right under my nose that are my first precious ministries...my sweet husband and 12 yr old granddaughter. My son's daughter. Whose mama is a single mom. A 12 yr old girl who wonders where her daddy is. Make that 3 things. The 3rd being the direction God has recently led me in praying for my son with my BFFL aswe pray for our grown children who are hurting. Don't be surprised if some new women show up ona Wednesday night. :)

    1. Terri, you are so precious. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive, and an incredible lady to look up to. You inspire me.

  4. Anonymous10/14/2013

    You never cease to inspire, Jill! I'm so happy for you but especially your sweet family. They get to enjoy even more of that amazing heart you have! I know this is hard. But noone can deny that the most important calling God gives us is that of motherhood in whatever form it's handed to us. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” I know the newest member especially will thrive having your beautiful light around him more. I feel blessed to have been led to SHINE when I was and to have met you all. So much love and blessings to you! Tammy

    1. So glad our paths crossed through this ministry. Wow, I could go on and on....

      Love you so much!

  5. Thank you Jill for all the encouragement and wisdom that SHINE has given to so many of us!! I am so blessed and honored to have been a part of this ministry!! I will be praying for you friend!

    Expecting GREAT things!! :)

    1. you are precious sweet girl. the GREATEST thing has been watching YOU grow. i mean, whoa! God has His hand all over your life...and it's a beautiful thing!!

  6. Anonymous10/15/2013

    Jill, thank you for all you have done for us through this website! God has big plans for us ALL!!! I started with u from the start of SHINE And I enjoyed every morning! Thank u for helping me grow in my faith!!! MeLissa A

    1. although we have never met, it sure seems like we know each other, doesn't it? thank you for your constant encouragement. keep reading, girlie--I will surely keep writing. love you much!

  7. Jill
    The ministry that you have started has touched more lives than you will ever know. Your obedience and love for Christ is an example for all that know you. Thank you for sharing your life and your heart with us.
    Melanie Hall

  8. Great post thanks for writing it!


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