Sep 18, 2013

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Psalms 66, 67

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls!

So, I told you the grocery store story on Monday.

On Tuesday, the following day, I had to go back and get something from that same store that I had forgotten on Sunday.

I carried my little item up to the counter, and guess who I saw....that SAME cashier that I had spoken to on Sunday.

My face was beaming with excitement! I could not wait to say hello to my new friend and even tell her how she had changed my heart that day.

She met my eyes with hers, and I {almost shouted}: "HEY!!! So good to see  you!!!!!"

Not even a glimpse of recognition was on her face.

My face fell from a smile to a look of confusion.

She looked at me a little strangely, and said: "Good to see you." 


More crickets.

Again, she had not a clue who I was. At all. Not even an ounce.

We made small talk once again, and that was that.

I slowly walked to my car, as the dry conversation had taken the wind from my sails.

"Lord, what in the world? She had no clue who I was? Really? We had such a great conversation on Sunday. How could she not remember me? I listened to her, I laughed with her. We were friends that day."

As clear as a bell, I hear the Lord say in my spirit, ''The conversation that day was for you, not for her, Jill.  I have been there many times for my children, and they do not remember me. I move mountains daily for my children, and they do not notice. You have been praying for me to open your eyes, and I did."

My heart skipped a few beats.

Then skipped a few more.

I mean, what could I say to that?


That day in the grocery store had nothing to do with what "she" needed. It was all about what I needed. I needed to see the Lord in these small things. I needed to see the Lord in listening to her speak to me. I needed to see the Lord. Period."

Funny how I thought that I had just made her day by listening to her. Ha! I thought she would never forget me. What a joke.

She is the one that will never be forgotten. God used her that day to open my eyes to Him. To open my eyes to see Him in all things--in all people. Even our cashiers.

"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."
 Hebrews 13:2

Who am I to think that I am so "great" that I can just make someone's day by listening? It's not about me. It's about Him.

It's about learning from the ones we are listening to. It's about being willing to be changed, and not just to want to change everyone around us.

It's kind of like listening to a really good service at church and thinking, "Wow, I wish my husband were here to hear this! He could REALLY use this!!" 

What we don't realize, is that God is speaking to US. We are hearing that message for a reason. To be changed, not to change others.

Leave the changing to God.

He's pretty good at that.

a heart in change,



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