Sep 15, 2013

SHINE Homework.....

Happy Sunday, SHINE girls!

I have something exciting to share with all of you!

Many of you have emailed me in the past year and asked me about a bible study plan that goes along with our reading. I encouraged you to just gather a few girls and discuss the reading plan together.

Now, I actually have a homework plan and something for you to discuss! This branches off from our SHINE Small group that meets on Wednesday nights at my church.

We have incorporated homework to help us to dig deeper into our reading and His Word.

Each week, for the next few months, I will post homework questions here on the blog. If you desire an extra challenge, this is perfect for you.

Also, I encourage you to gather your own group together and go over these questions and your weekly reading. If you are not currently in a small group or bible study, this is a wonderful way to connect with each other and to hold each other accountable. No workbook required, just your bible, and your homework questions. :)

I will not provide the answers to these questions. :) All of it is for your review and for your guidance in His Word.

P.s...I would LOVE your feedback on the homework. You can email me or comment to let me know your thoughts. :)

Homework for this week:

1) Name 3 authors of the book of Psalms. {You can easily find this by browsing your bible through the book of Psalms}

2) Who wrote Psalm 55?  {yes, this is an easy one}

3) Read Psalms 55 and 56 again, and write down a verse that stands out to you. Maybe because of the turmoil it expresses, or the praise it expresses to the Father.

4) Psalms 57:1(b) says: "I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed." Can you find another verse in your Bible that mentions being in God's shadow? What do you think the significance of being in His shadow means?

5) Read Psalm 59. What was David afraid of? Are you surprised by what he is afraid of? Why or why not?

6) Read  Psalm 62:2. How is God like a rock? Describe some similarities between God and a rock.

7) Read Psalm 63:1. How is physical thirst like spiritual thirst? Have you ever been physically thirsty, if so how did if make you feel? Have you ever been spiritually thirsty? If so, how did it make you feel?

8) Read Psalm 64:1-4. David describes his enemies as "they sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their words like deadly arrows."

We have all experienced harmful words from others. Can you think of an experience in your life that has shown you the power of deadly and cruel words? Maybe it happened to you, or you saw it first hand with someone close to you. I would love for you to share in class {if you are willing} of this experience. You don't have to be specific of the words spoken, just how hurtful they were or proved to be.

9) If you were the recipient of harmful words, I challenge you to replace those words with words of affirmation, encouragement and love. Words that Your Heavenly Father would speak over you, and IS speaking over you.

For example:
Someone says:  "Jill, you are stupid. You will never amount to anything." 
God says: "Jill, you are made in MY image. I made you just the way you are, and you bring me JOY." {Genesis 1:27}

10) Write a short psalm to the Lord. Just between you and Him. Pour your heart out to the Lord who loves you and cherishes you.

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