Sep 9, 2013

Monday SHINE.....

Reading Plan for the Week of 9/9-915:

  • Monday 9/9: 2 Samuel 24
  • Tuesday 9/10:  Psalms 52-54
  • Wednesday 9/11:  Psalms 55
  • Thursday 9/12:  Psalms 56, 57
  • Friday 9/13:  Psalms 58, 59
  • Saturday 9/14:  Psalms 60
  • Sunday 9/15: Psalms 61, 62

Happy Monday SHINE girls! We are on our last week of our 40 Days of Prayer. 

Yes, we are still talking about this. 

Yes, prayer is a BIG DEAL. 


Prayer is the most powerful resource we have available to tap into God's Will and Purposes for our lives. Of course, His Word goes hand in hand with prayer.

I saw this quote the other day:

This perfectly sums up my heart regarding this post.

I was in the grocery store yesterday, and I just started praying. Praying that God would stretch our tight budget to get all that I needed to get this week. Praying for deals and specials on what I needed to pick up that day. Praying for the lady that sliced our meat at the deli counter, who seemed to be having a very bad day. Praying for some precious children that I saw at the store. Children that I know need a miracle in their home life.

My heart would not be focused on these things, if I had not been challenged to pray these last 36 days.

Prayer changes our perspective. Really, there is no other way.

As if that wasn't enough, I was driving home from the store. I saw the most beautiful sight in the sky.

It was the sun's rays beaming down through clouds. The sight was breathtaking. I almost pulled over, but decided against it since I was on the expressway.

I could not believe the sight. I tilted my sunglasses up to see what the sky would look like without the filter of my sunglasses.

The view changed.

It was still pretty, but more average. Not at all as magnificent.

I tilted my sunglasses back down, and could not believe the difference it made.

The amber tint on my glasses made the sky look too picturesque for words. Without my shades, it was average at best.

The Lord spoke to my heart at that very moment:

When you pray, you begin to see life through My Eyes. I give you My God-sized filter. When you are not connecting with me through prayer, you miss out on the grandiose scenery that I provide. Without prayer, you see life through the common view of the flesh, and not my Splendid Filter. 

My heart was overwhelmed with what He was revealing to me. It was Truth. He was speaking exactly what I have been discovering through prayer.

Our Memory Verse:

Rejoice always, pray continually,
 give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

keeping my prayer shades on,


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