Aug 14, 2013

Wednesday SHINE.....

Today's Reading:: Job 40:6-42:6

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls! Today is our day to turn up the music and WORSHIP our King!

Worship Him in song, in dance, in all you do today. He loves your sweet and precious little hearts singing, dancing, and praising Him with all your soul!

Get your kids involved. Let them know that today is WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! They will love celebrating Jesus with you! What kid doesn't want to sing and dance? :)

I wasn't planning on posting today. I had nothing to say. I was just planning on you getting your worship on all by yourselves today. However, God had other plans.

As I was cleaning my bathroom yesterday, I had a conversation with God. {what is it with cleaning and talking to God?}

I was pouring my heart out to Him. I was asking Him about some things going around me and I needed some answers.

"Lord, I need you here. I need you to help me in this. Are you listening? I need Your Peace. I need Your Guidance. Will you please make a way in this situation??"

As I was pouring my heart out to Him, I heard Him interrupt me. Oh yeah. He sure did.

"Jill, Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying,
"This is the way; walk in it."

Umm, I know this Lord. This is our memory verse. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this already.

Lord, I need you to help me. I need you to make a way in this situation. Make it better. Make it easier.

As clear as you are reading this, I heard Him say to me, "You are exactly where I want you to be in this. There is no easy path. In the messy, in the chaos, in the struggle....I am with you. You are where I want you to be right now. Quit trying to find a way out, you are right where I want you. I am showing you that this is the way, so keep walking in it. Even when it's hard."

Okay. I was silent. For a long time.

My mind had to process what He just said.

Suddenly, Peace like a river flooded my spirit. It hit me, like a ton of bricks.

He was teaching me to let Him sustain me.

No matter what chaos surrounds us, He never changes. He never moves. He never leaves.

He's our anchor. We cannot drown.

Are you getting this?

Do you find yourself looking for a way out of a situation? Counting down the days until it's over and you move on to the next season?

What would happen if you just were still. Even as the debris of the mess flies around your head, you were still. Eyes focused on Him. Trusting Him. Being sustained by Him.

Trust Him when He shows you the way to walk, and it's not the path you would have chosen. By far.

When we are always waiting for the storm to pass, we cannot appreciate what He's teaching us in the eye of that storm.

We don't really know how much we need our Anchor until we are in the midst of a storm..

I pray that you will let Him sustain you today. Whatever you may be facing, He is with you.

He's never left you.

embracing my Anchor,


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