Aug 23, 2013

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 1

Happy Fun Friday, sweet SHINE girls!

So, if you have noticed.....we are going back to the book of Samuel! Yes!!

We will continue on with the story of David...ummm, you know, my favorite male {besides Jesus} in the Bible. Oh, and get ready. 2 Samuel is even juicier than 1 Samuel.

2 Samuel  begins with David learning of the death of Saul. Oh, and get ready to be blown away by David's heart....again.

I love this man, David. I really do.

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

I want to celebrate our return to the book of Samuel today. Also, I want to celebrate YOU!

We are on day 19 of our 40 Days of Prayer...that is something to CELEBRATE! Oh, the Lord is doing BIG things on behalf of your precious prayers! He is!

So, how do we celebrate?

How about a SHINE give away?!

This little beauty was donated by our very own SHINE girls, Neodesha Hendley!

Neodesha is a Thirty-One gifts representative, and she had this lunch tote monogrammed for one very special SHINE girl!!

I just realized this gift goes hand in hand with my "making lunches" post from Wednesday. Oh, the Lord has a sense of humor. A big one!

Who will get this adorable lunch bag??

To enter: Just tell us something about your cute self--anything!

Here's an example: I could eat Mexican food every single day. Forever. :) Jill Hill

Got it, okay....go!

I will draw a name this weekend, so leave your comment soon!

happy lunch-bag-winning,


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