Jun 5, 2013

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Judges 7:1-23

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls!

We have a very special guest post today. I am so excited for you to read the words straight from a young girl's heart.

As I woke up yesterday morning, still bleary-eyed, I noticed I had a text on my phone from 1:43 a.m. My heart skipped a beat or two when I saw it was from my young, sweet, friend Taylor.

She said God had laid upon her heart a post to write for SHINE girls. {Be still my heart}

Taylor told me in the text that she had emailed me the post, but I didn't have to use it. She told me that maybe I could just save it and send it to someone that may need to hear it. She said she just felt led by the Lord to write it. {is she precious or what?}

A little back story--Taylor has been our babysitter for several years. Well, she is so much more than a babysitter. More like part of our family. {which tends to happen when you babysit our kids--whether you want to be or not} ;-)

I love this girl. My children love this girl. She radiates Jesus' love. Seriously, she does.

Lem and I always say that we hope our kids are as grounded and as in love with Jesus as Taylor Shultz is. For real, this girl is a treasure.

After reading Taylor's email, my eyes were filled with tears. Her heart is all over this post, right along with the hand of God guiding her sweet words.

Be blessed, friends. Please consider forwarding Taylor's post to some girls in your life. Some that may need to hear these words straight from the Father.

by: Taylor Shultz

Taylor and her sister, Bailey

I have known Mrs. Jill for what seems like forever now. I met her when I was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school, and I can remember thinking “This woman is so beautiful.” As I spent more time with her, babysitting her darlings and at church, and got to know her, I realized her beauty was something far deeper than looks. Her love for Christ was like a light or aura that got to you a minute before she did. Before the days of Shine Girls and Twitter (can you imagine?), Mrs. Jill’s posts on Facebook brought blessing to my life. It is only by God’s grace and ladies’, like Mrs. Jill, instruction and guidance that I am able to write this.


I love clouds.

I love the way they look. The different textures. The different colors. The shapes. The consistency.

The dark storm clouds, oh the personality they possess. The clouds meant for shade, white and fluffy. The clouds that look like they are a cotton ball pulled apart. Long and thin. The ones right after a big rain, with the sun shining through that one little hole. The pink clouds at sunset, my personal favorite.

Everything about a cloud is fascinating to me. I often find myself in the wrong lane while driving because I stare at the clouds. I have said that if I were an artist, I would paint clouds. All daylong. You can look on the numerous cameras I have and see multiple pictures of clouds.

Clouds are cool.

I have many friends who struggle with self-worth and self-image. Some struggle with cutting, anorexia and depression. It hurts my heart. It is a day-to-day battle for them. Of course these girls have nothing to fret over. This is just the grip that pesky devil has on their life.

Today, while I was driving (imagine that), I was thinking about clouds. My God spent time painting those clouds. For nothing but my pleasure. He knows that Taylor Shultz loves clouds. He spent time picking out the colors today. He carefully considered each stroke. I began to thank Him for that, for laying it upon my heart to notice the beauty He lays out for me each day and night.

Then I was thinking about my friends. Not just the ones who struggle with self-image. All of my girl friends. It struck me, if my Savior spends that much time on clouds, something so common and mundane, how much more time is He spending on us?

 Clouds are not created in the Father’s image; WE are. (Genesis 1:27)

Clouds are not fearfully and wonderfully made; WE are. (Psalm 139:14)

Clouds are not clothed in strength and dignity; WE are. (Proverbs 31:25)
            My favorite verse.

Clouds are not chosen and blameless; WE are. (Ephesians 1:4)

Clouds are not delighted in; WE are. (Isaiah 42:1)

It is my prayer that girls with grey hair, girls with young kids and a schedule full of ball games, working girls, athletic girls, girls in college, girls in high school, girls in middle school, girls in elementary school, and girls to come will know that if the Lord can spend so much time and pack so much beauty into a thing that will fade away, the possibilities with us are endless. Our Father looks at us with a heart full of love and sees a beautiful creation. While it hurts my heart to see women and girls struggle with their beauty, it breaks God’s heart. I pray that when doubt creeps into our hearts and minds, we will remember clouds.

Lord, thank You for the clouds. Thank You for the daily reminder that You create beautiful things. Father, it is my prayer that I will not doubt your masterpiece. I will not question Your reasoning and skill. Thank You for creating me in Your image. Help me, Lord, to live as a reflection of You. I love You and praise You for all that You have done. Amen.

Thanking God for the clouds,

Taylor J

Silly sisters and yummy milkshakes!

The Shultz sisters

 I love this family!
The whole Shultz gang

Taylor and her sweet Daddy

Sister love fest

Shultz Kiddos

Taylor with her beautiful momma and sisters
{i LOVE this picture!}

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