Jun 2, 2013

Prayer Requests and Praises for June 2013.....

SHINE girls,

I challenge each of you this week to pray for those around you. As we are learning in our reading, God is always looking for an intercessor. When the world seems hopeless and fallen, we can be sure that God is looking for a prayer warrior. Someone to intecede on behalf of His people. To bring them back from captivity through the power of prayer.

Could that be us? Could we be the intercessors He is looking for?


Stop today, and pray.

Read the prayers under this post. Take a moment and lift your sisters up to the Lord.

He hears us. Every word. He moves when we pray.

Not only does prayer change the world, but it changes us.

praying for all of you,



  1. Anonymous6/02/2013

    Lifting you all up to the Father this week! Lord, help us to shine bright for you in all we do! Amen!

  2. Anonymous6/02/2013

    Praise message, so very thankful for the Shine and the ladies that have sent a prayer request, and for the prayer partners that continually pray for over them. God is doing awesomely and amazing miracles, as we pray in agreement with each one that is posted. Praise God for his mighty power and grace.

  3. Anonymous6/03/2013

    Thank you to all our prayer intercessors prayers going io for you. I also have a prayer request.My 21 year old unmarried daughter is looking for a new place. She has been staying with us and he boyfriend is getting out if jail this week. I am trying so hard but I am so conflicted. I am trying to be a good mom grandma and above all show them what a Christain would do. Sometimes I just want to scream. Please pray for her and little Joydon Reilly. Please pray the boyfriend will get a job and stay out of trouble. Pray for her car to be fixed her apartment hint ends soon. And please pray that me and her stepdad (who raised her) don't lose our minds. Thank you thank you.
    Kelly G

    1. God bless you and be with you, sweet Kelly friend. Father, hear her cry for mercy and grace in this situation. Give Kelly wisdom as she goes through each day with this situation. Lead her, Father. We lift up every family member involved and ask that You bring good out of all of this. Bless Kelly and her husband BIG for all they are doing and have done to help their daughter and grandbaby. In Jesus name, amen.

  4. Anonymous6/04/2013

    Praying with you Anon for your daughter, her boyfriend, and you. Psalm 61:1-2 "Hear my cry, O God; attend to my prayer. From the end of the earth I will cry to You, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Father while there are many things that can happen in life that are frightening or overwhelming, we know that Your power is greater than all of them. Asking Lord for you to work redemption in the life of this daughter as she makes choices regarding her life and her child, protect the heart of this Mom/Grandma and provide her with comfort and peace as she seeks you daily, in Jesus name we pray, amen.

  5. Anonymous6/04/2013

    Please pray for a friend who just found out she is pregnant, but started bleeding and clotting today. She and her hubby have been going through invitro process, so all of it is very taxing. Thanks for your prayers!

  6. Anonymous6/06/2013

    please do pray for my friend who is in big trouble.first she loved a guy and then she tasted gods presence in her life and she doesnt want to continue that relationship.she asked him to breakup that relation but he is not responding properly he is asking her some money and talks vulgarly to her,he has her parents phone number and blackmails her,she is confused she dont know what to do,she is worried and depressed always.there is no happiness in her life,she is not able to involve herself in any thing please pray for her,hope god will do wonders.

  7. Anonymous6/07/2013

    God be with your friend, Anon. I pray the Lord will clearly light the path for her and show her the way. Thank you for being her friend and lifting her up to the throne of the Father. May God bless her and you.

  8. Anonymous6/07/2013

    Father, we love you and thank you ahead of time for Your mercy and grace in the pray requests, May the fulfilling of Your will be granted to those that seek resolution in their hope in You. Cover them will your blanket of protection and may they rejoice in You for every detail of their situation and know Father that with you all things are possible when two are more agree, Your will be done, in Jesus name amen.

  9. Yvonne6/10/2013

    Please pray for my son. He joined the Army & has been at bootcamp now for 6 days today & is having a terrible time emotional because he's homesick. He's 18 & never been away from family & friends & just can't wrap his head around being gone for 10 weeks without contact. It is breaking my heart apart that I can't actually talk to him & try to calm his anxiety. Please Please pray for his peace of heart & mind, his emotional & mental stability, his strength to stand firm & focus to complete this task God has set in play for him.
    Pray for me to say the right words to him that will lift him up & encourage him. Give me a bible verse that I can share with him to help calm him - cause honestly, I can't even think straight myself...He is my baby boy and I myself am a emotional wreck cause I can't go to him when he has said he needs me....I just want to wrap my arms around him & love him (...many tears....)
    I know this is an unusually request but Please email or text me verses to encourage him cause I wont be around my computer today.
    Thank you for your love & support!!!!

    1. Lord, we come to the Cross desperate for You. Yvonne needs your peace and strength to wash over her heart and mind. Give her a supernatural dose of it, Lord. Help her to see that the very best place to put this is in your capable hands -- how you long to carry us in our darkest hour. Father, Shine your light down on Yvonne, her dear son and the rest of the family. Draw their hearts close during this time of separation. We confess fear, anxiety and depression and in return we ask for Joy in the valley. Standing firm on your promises to never leave us or forsake us. The enemy wants us to feel defeated and overcome with pain but Lord that's not what you have for us. Help Yvonne to continually give this need back to You. As we know that our Hope is only in You.
      In Jesus name...Amen.

  10. Yvonne6/11/2013

    I just want to Thank everyone that replied, sent me text messages & emails. I have been forwarding the prayers & Bible verses to my son and it took a while but he was able to finally calm down some last night. I feel so helpless but when I got a text from him that said "i love you mom :)" I knew he was finally breathing. I hadn't received a :) from him since this started....and I finally got a smile.
    Please continue to pray for him. This journey isn't close to being done yet and he is so anxious & depressed. And that is not my son. He has always been so happy, funny, family clown, & extremely smart. He says he doesn't know the boy looking back at him in the mirror...I told him to push that boy out of the way so he could see my amazing beautiful son - with a really bad hair cut :) I don't want him to lose himself in this experience but to embrace it & learn from it so he can help someone else later.

    Again Thank You all for your love and support! Just continue to pray & share cause I'll send it on to him as well.

    :) Yvonne

  11. Anonymous6/18/2013

    Desperately need your prayers, life keeps going too fast and it is hard for me to stay on top of the many demands. Trusting in God has forever been my stronghold, but I still feel overwhelmed, anxious, and too tired for life. Knowing you will pray for me, is much appreciated. Let me not be a dim shadow, but a shining light for those in my life. Thank you ahead of time.

  12. I feel the same way as you do, anon, a lot of days. Lately I've been looking to psalm 23. It has helped greatly. His word never returns void. :) Praying for The Lord to shower you with Peace.

    1. Anonymous6/19/2013

      Agreeing with you Jill for Anonymous. I too can totally relate to that overwhelming feeling! :) May Jehovah Jireh be your Provider. May He meet each need that you have requested above. And may His peace be showered over you like Jill said. Believing for Him to take this heavy burden from you, and replace it with a sense of freedom, joy, and renewed strength!!! Love, Sarah Frachiseur

  13. Please pray for my sweet friend Angie Homer. Her husband passed away last week. She is a stay at home mom with 2 small children.

    Love, Erin Davis

    1. Anonymous6/19/2013

      Oh my goodness Erin. This rips my heart in two. :( I am so, so, so sorry to hear this. I pray that the Lord intercedes in the way that only He can, and that He provides in the way that only He can, and that He heals and comforts in the way that only He can. May He gather each one of them in His loving arms, and hold them tightly. And during the times that she may feel completely alone or broken beyond repair, I pray that His mighty presence, power, peace, and love will be all that she needs to be sustained, carried, and brought through this difficult time. Dear Lord, please shower them with Your love and warmth and let them feel You in a mighty way in their lives now and forevermore. I pray Your presence hovers over them so strongly that they can't help but feel You and Your love every where they turn, when they lie down, when they rise, and through each step of this hard time. Love, Sarah


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