Jun 10, 2013

Monday SHINE.....

Reading Plan for the week of 6/10-6/16:

  • Monday 6/10: Judges 13
  • Tuesday 6/11: Judges 14, 15
  • Wednesday 6/12: Judges 16
  • Thursday 6/13: Judges 17, 18
  • Friday 6/14: Judges 19
  • Saturday 6/15: Judges 20
  • Sunday 6/16: Judges 21

Happy Monday, sweet SHINE girls! Another week here in the book of Judges. Hang on in there with me little darlins!

We are about to get to some juicier parts--starting today, I promise. ;)

Enter, the story of Samson and Delilah. I won't spoil the story for you. Just know that it's juuuuuuicccyyyy!

We like juicy stuff, don't we? I mean, we are women. We  love a good story. They quicken our heartbeats, and they get way deep down into the smallest crevices of our hearts.

I'm so in love with God's Word. The Lord completely captivates me and I surrender willingly with each chapter I read. He leaves me completely mesmerized and amazed at the lengths He goes to for us.

For you and for me.

He never gives up on us.


Oh, but we give up on Him. Or, at least I have been guilty. Many times.

We give up and we resort to our own resources for our strength and our stamina.

It never works. We run out of air eventually.

He then breathes life back into our empty souls, and we are revived.

Why would we ever run from the only Oxygen that we cannot live without?

Why would we ever not go to His Word, where He speaks Life into us?

When we go without His Word, we go without air. We suffocate.

Why would we not go willfully and joyfully to the well of Living Water for nourishment and refreshment?

I don't know.

I still don't know why I run to everything else but Him some days.

It never fulfills. Ever.

It's like pouring water into a colander. It just seeps right through the holes.

However, when we pour in the Word, it fills all these holes. It sustains us.

Our Memory Verse for this week:

"With Joy you will dink deeply from the fountain of salvation."
 Isaiah 12:3

As I prayed about a memory verse this week, I opened my Bible and this verse was circled in hot pink marker. I am not kidding when I say: I do not ever remember reading this verse. Ever. 

It's brand new to me. Although it was circled in my bible, it was fresh and new to me when I stumbled across it just now.

This is not the direction I had planned on going with our memory verse this week. God has other plans apparently. {as usual} :-)

I encourage you today to drink up. Drink with JOY from His Word today.

Our weary souls need some nourishment and refreshing. Go to the Well, my friend.

drinking up,


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