May 27, 2013

Monday SHINE.....

Reading Plan for the week of 5/27-6/2:

  • Monday 5/27: Mark 15:22-41
  • Tuesday 5/28:  Mark 15:42-16:8
  • Wednesday 5/29: Mark 16:9-20
  • Thursday 5/30:  Judges 1:1-2:5
  • Friday 5/3:  Judges 2:6-3:6
  • Saturday 6/1:  Judges 3:7-31
  • Sunday 6/2:  Judges 4

Happy Memorial Day SHINE sisters! 

Many of you are probably reading this from out of town, or from coziness of your warm beds. Wherever you are, please stop and say a prayer for the families of our Service Men and Women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Please include the current Service Men and Women and their precious families in your prayers for their safety and protection. 

As I prayed about our Memory Verse this week, I kept coming to a the same verse. It's one that I believe is very powerful, yet often we find ourselves having a hard time "living it".

The enemy wants to keep us as Christians disassociated and separated. The enemy knows how powerful we are when we are unified. 

God designed us for relationships and for fellowship in our community. When we think that we don't need others or that we are just better off alone, we are believing the enemy's lies. 

"For where two or three have gathered together in my name,
there I am in their midst."
Matthew 18:20

As we continue studying the New Testament, some things have really resonated in my heart about Jesus.
Jesus definitely "withdrew" a lot from the crowd to pray. He knew the importance of needing the quiet to hear from the Father.

However, he also lived in community with other believers. Jesus had 12 disciples with him most of the time. They studied, prayed, healed, walked, lived, and ate together on a daily basis.

Jesus knew the importance of community and fellowship. As we read about the last Supper in our reading last week, did you notice that he was surrounded by his friends?

 I believe for women, this is especially important.

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
 A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
 Ecclesisastes 4:12

Women long to talk, laugh, share stories, and just be heard. Somewhere along the way, we may have gotten burned by a friend, or several friends. We then put a wall up around our heart and vow to never let that happen again.

Friend, would you consider  praying and ask the Lord to guide you and lead you to a community of fellowship with other believing women? Not just social media fellowship, but real, live face to face fellowship with other women.

Our hearts and our souls desire this fellowship. We were made for fellowship.

If you don't have a bible study group, or a circle of women that you can turn to, start your own group. Be the first one to step out and invite others to meet for coffee and just start there.

Some ladies and I from my church met last week to discuss the importance of connecting women and the importance of fellowship. I left that meeting feeling so refreshed and renewed. Even just talking with other women about connecting made my heart full!

If you are not sure where to start, start within your church. Look for some women's groups to join.

If you live near my church, Eastridge Community Church, we have several groups meeting this Summer to keep us connecting. 

I will be leading a SHINE girls group on Wednesday nights at 7:00 at our church. Come join us! 

Wherever you are, get connected. Stay in fellowship. Don't let Summer draw you away from meeting and gathering with other women.

Father, we know that fellowship is what You desire for us. Please help to plug us in where You desire for us to be. Give us boldness to step out and find a group of friends to gather with. If we have vulnerable hearts, please help us to overcome this vulnerability and to be confident in Your plan for us. We trust You in this area. We anticipate meeting and connecting this Summer with other women. Thank you for loving us, and designing us to crave connection. In Jesus Name, amen.

staying connected,



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