May 31, 2013

Friday SHINE...

Today's Reading: Judges 3:7-31
Saturday 6/2:  Judges 4
Sunday 6/3: Judges 5

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls!

Sorry for the delay in this post. Summer hours are a little crazier now that kids are home from school. ;)

Since our memory verse is all about surrounding ourselves with others in fellowship and community, I thought we could make our Fun Friday Challenge centered around this. Fitting, right?

I sent this same challenge to our SHINE prayer girls this week.

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

Summertime can be a time to drift away from God's Word, from praying, and from meeting with our friends for fellowship.

We get busy with our kids, our schedules, and our vacations. However, I challenge you to make time for staying in His Word and staying connected in fellowship.

Some ideas:

  • Start a bible study! If you are not currently in one, gather a few girls and just read along with the SHINE reading plan if you need a curriculum. 
  • Reach out to your neighbor. Sometimes we take for granted those in our very own backyard. Check on them, encourage them, love on them.
  • Get up 20 minutes earlier to get in His Word and have prayer time.
  • Call a friend and meet her for lunch or just for coffee. 
  • Join a group or a bible study nearby.
  • Host a play date at your house--or meet at chicfila.
  • Stay in touch with a prayer/reading God's word accountability partner. We all know that accountability is KEY when trying to stay disciplined and focused.

Let's really try to stay connected this Summer! Keep doing the reading plan, keep praying, and continue to be involved with those around you.

Our SHINE girls face to face small group starts this Wednesday night! I am so excited to have real-time, face to face fellowship with an incredible group of ladies! Sharing, discussing, and true fellowship is the BEST way to stay connected. 

I'm taking this challenge, and I really want you to as well!

staying connected,


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