May 3, 2013

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Deuteronomy 18, 19
Saturday: Deuteronomy: 20, 21
Sunday: Deuteronomy 22, 23

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls!

Just a quick little challenge for you today. It's Friday, and I know you have been waiting all week for this challenge! (ha!)

Write a love note to the Lord. Tell Him how much you love Him.

For the last 7 or 8 years, I have kept a journal of love notes to God. Sometimes, it's just a bunch of rambling and such, but it all comes straight from my heart. To the throne of the King.

He's our King. Our Father. Our Love.

Express your heart to Him today. You don't have to be a writer to write from your heart. It's the gesture of taking the time, acknowledging your Man, and expressing thanks to Him.

I know my husband loves me. He doesn't have to {always} tell me.

However, when he {my husband} takes the time express his love for me in a note or in a card....I'm smitten all over again. I can see it, I can touch the words, I can inhale the scent of his love for years to come--from his heart, to pen, to paper, and to me.

There's something permanent about written words----perhaps that's why God's Word is written? Just a thought.

Write to Him today. It doesn't have to be eloquent or perfect, just real and honest and true.

getting my pen,


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