Apr 8, 2013

Monday SHINE....

Reading Plan for the week of 4/8-4/13:

  • Monday 4/8: Mark 4:1-20
  • Tuesday 4/9: Mark 4:21-34
  • Wednesday 4/10: Mark 4:35-5:20
  • Thursday 4/11: Mark 5:21-6:6a
  • Friday 4/12: Mark 6:6b-30
  • Saturday 4/13: Mark 6:31-56
  • Sunday 4/14: Mark 7:1-23

Happy Monday, SHINE girls!

We are still treading our way through the book of Mark this week. So much goodness in this book. It never, ever gets old.

Also, we have our new memory verse for this week! Are you amazed at how much scripture that little pretty brain of yours can memorize?

I love that we are hiding His Word in our hearts week by week, day by day. It will always be planted there, girls. I tell my children all the time that these memory scriptures are seeds and they will bear fruit in their lives.

The most beautiful fruit.

The same truth goes for us. These little scriptures that we memorize are creating a delectable garden in your heart that will never cease bearing fruit. God's Word makes us stronger and wiser. The more of it we digest, the bigger our garden. The bigger our garden, the more strength and wisdom we have.

I'll take all the strength and wisdom I can get. How about you? :)

Here's our verse for this week:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, 
for they will be called sons of God." 
Matthew 5:9

peace making in progress,


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