Apr 5, 2013

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Mark 2:13-3:6
Saturday: Mark 3:7-3:19a
Sunday: Mark 3:19b-35

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls!

I'll make this short and sweet so that you can move on with your fabulous Friday. :)

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

Go to the Father today, and talk to Him about any impurities going on in your life. Ask Him to show you, and He will.

We may not be aware of some things that have clogged up our spiritual filter because they have been there for so long. Sometimes we get kind of used to the dirt, unfortunately.

The next thing I urge us to do is to find a solitary place sometime this weekend to withdraw for a few minutes. As I read in Mark this morning, I discovered that Jesus was constantly withdrawing to a solitary place. He often rose early, left His disciples, and went to hear from God.

Perhaps that's why He heard so clearly from God? He had to separate Himself from the world for a bit to be able to hear Him.

I also noticed from our previous reading, that Moses often withdrew when He would meet with God. He withdrew all the way up to the top of a mountain to hear from Him. The crowds around him were often a distraction. They were yelling at him to go one way, while Moses was desperately trying to filter out the noise and listen to the direction God was calling them.

A very wise friend told me recently: When a big crowd of people are walking one way, more than likely  Jesus will be found walking the other way.

I have found this statement to be so true.

Withdraw and meet with your Father this weekend.

Let Him purify that filter of yours.

a heart seeking purity,


"But now even more the report about him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities.
 But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray."
 Luke 5:15-16


  1. Jill -
    Just delete this if I left two comments!
    I agree with the crowd going one way and Jesus the other comment. That is so true! I find that when I realize "wait a minute, everyone is praising me or agreeing with me" then I must be doing the wrong thing! I have to step back and re-evaluate. The crowd agreeing with me is not a good sign. This is particularly true in parenting teens.

    Prayer and bible reading are key to knowing God's will - and I am guilty of forgetting that quite often.

    We are aliens in this world. We seem to forget that we are not like everyone else, therefore, we should not behave like a group of sheep. Keep up the good fight!


  2. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Yes!! I whole heart agree!

    And yes Trish from above....we are not of this world! Thanks for reminder! "Don't act like sheep!"
    Finding my solitude with Christ today.


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