Mar 13, 2013

Wednesday SHINE...

Today's Reading: Numbers 8:1-9:14

Happy Worship Wednesday, sweet girls! I apologize for this post being late. We are at the beach on Spring Break. I'm a little lazy. ;)

I have a little picture to share, and then a song. That's it.

As I was taking an early morning walk yesterday, listening to my bible app, I was swept away by His beauty surrounding me.

I snapped this picture, and just had to share.

Won't you worship Him today with me?

Listen to the words of this Chris Tomlin song. Let's throw out every throne we have set before our Father. Let's tear down anything separating us from Him. Today.

Crown Him with worship. Crown Him with praise.

I love you, sweet SHINE sisters.

May He SHINE His peace, love, mercy and grace on you today. 

singing loudly to my King,



  1. Anonymous3/13/2013

    Awesome picture, awesome song. <3

  2. Anonymous3/13/2013

    Yes! :) Love, Sarah


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