Mar 18, 2013

Monday SHINE....

Reading Plan for the week of 3/18-3/24:

  • Monday 3/18:  Numbers 15
  • Tuesday 3/19: Numbers 16:1-35
  • Wednesday 3/20:  Numbers 16:36-18:7
  • Thursday 3/21:  Numbers 18:8-19:22
  • Friday 3/22: Numbers 20
  • Saturday 3/23: Numbers 21
  • Sunday 3/24:  Numbers 22

Happy Monday, sweet SHINE girls!

Of all the Beatitudes, I believe I've found my favorite. It's our Memory Verse this week, and it speaks volumes. 

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6

This verse means so much to my heart. Too much to expound on this early Monday morning. :) 

I will let you get straight to the meat of your day--His Word. Go feed on it, girls. It's your protein, and your greatest thirst-quencher. 

Going without His Word for a day, is like going without food for a day. It's true.

We need the Word like we need food. It's that simple.

Pull up your chair and feast, sweet girls. It's all you can eat. :)



**Don't forget to tell enter the SHINE drawing from Friday! I totally forgot to draw a name this weekend, so I will give you another day to enter. :) Yes, I love you. ;)


  1. Anonymous3/18/2013

    I love the picture with the verse! :) Hope you had a great weekend Jill! Love, Sarah

  2. Anonymous3/18/2013

    O, Jill, when we read all the sacrifices that had to be made for the Israelites and the others living with them then our hearts rejoice all the more that Jesus paid the price for our sins. O Glory to God, Jesus paid the price ONCE for ALL for anyone who will accept this gift by faith. It is glorious beyond our comprehension. Praise God for His unspeakable gift. God bless you and all the Shine girls. Gloria Hudgins

  3. Anonymous3/18/2013

    My favorite one too.=)

  4. Yes Gloria I agree!
    Reading Numbers make me SO. VERY. THANKFUL for our Jesus!
    He made us clean!
    Love, Erin


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