Mar 11, 2013

Monday SHINE......

Reading Plan for the week of 3/11-3/17:
  • Monday 3/11: Numbers 5:1-6:21
  • Tuesday 3/12: Numbers 6:22-7:89
  • Wednesday 3/13: Numbers 8:1-9:14
  • Thursday 3/14: Numbers 9:15-10:36
  • Friday 3/15:  Numbers 11, 12
  • Saturday 3/16: Numbers 13:1-14:10a
  • Sunday 3/17: Numbers 14:10b-45

Happy Monday, SHINE girls! 

Well, we've moved into the book of Numbers. Boy, are there a LOT of numbers in Numbers! Wow! The name serves much justice to this Old Testament book, doesn't it? 

We are also continuing on with our Beatitude Memory Verses.  Anyone remember which one comes next? If you are raising your hand, I'm sorry, but I cannot see you. 

I believe you though. :)

Here's your visual, and your print-out, girls....

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth."
Matthew 5:5

Oh, y'all. This one is a tough-y. Here's why: It's not cool to be meek. It's not.

Our society does not raise us to have a meek {submissive, humble, gentle} attitude. 

Yes, we are taught manners, but meekness is much, much deeper than manners.

Meekness is the way of the heart. It's deeply ingrained into our spirits. It can only be activated by the Lord. 


Because, our flesh is everything opposite of meek. Our flesh is selfish, greedy, and prideful.

How do we become meek?

By being completely submitted to the Father. 

I am beginning to believe that meekness described in this verse, is our attitude towards the Father. 

Are we humble towards Him? Are we submissive to Him? 

Or, are we at times demanding of Him. Impatient with Him. Bargaining with Him. 

This same verse is also found back in the Old Testament in Psalm. 

"But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace". Psalm 37:11

My bible describes meek as this: "those who humbly acknowledge their dependence on the goodness and grace of God and betray no arrogance toward their fellow man." 

 Hmmm. That's something to think about.

Are we walking in meekness? Do we daily realize our deep and gaping need for God? 

Or, do we let days, weeks, months, and even years go by without any acknowledgement of our Creator. Our Lord. Our Father in Heaven.

Or, how about this. We acknowledge the Lord. We are cool with Him. But, how are we towards our fellow man or fellow (wo)man? 

Or, let's just get real are we towards those that get on our ever-lasting nerves? Those not-so-precious and darling souls living among us. Those in our every day lives. 

Would our actions translate into a meekness of heart?

Let's get honest with the Lord today. If you struggle with meekness, let's confess our lack of a meek heart and a meek attitude towards Him and towards others. 

He's willing and able to meet us exactly where we are. Thankfully.

He's got some pretty great things in store for the meek, girls. 

After all, who doesn't want to inherit the Earth? ;)

finding my meek this week,


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