Mar 1, 2013

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Hebrews 10:1-18
Saturday: Hebrews 10:19-39
Sunday: Hebrews 11:1-22

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE, girls! I hope you are soaking up our reading, because it sure is good!

It seems like it reads pretty quick, doesn't it? If you find yourself needing more scripture, try reading a Proverb and a Psalm a day as well.

For example: If it's the 1st day of the month (like today), read Proverbs 1. Read Proverbs 2 tomorrow, and so on. :)

Proverbs and Psalms are perfect for every day encouragement and guidance.You will always glean wisdom and insight from these books of the Bible.

Who doesn't need a little wisdom?

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I felt like I never stopped and felt extremely stretched to my limit. Yep, one of those days.

As I was winding down my night, fresh from a nice, quiet {and much needed} bath--I see something slide under my door into my bedroom.

It was a note from my Presley.

She's a big note writer. Not a huge surprise, huh. :)

I picked it up and read her sweet and encouraging words.

Really, I have no idea what prompted her to write it. Unless of course, my stretched-to-the-limit self was that utterly obvious to her.

The little note was like a love letter from God as well, sealed with her delectable handwriting.

Presley's little note

I breathed a big sigh of thankfulness after reading.  Suddenly, the stress from my day melted away.

When is the last time you felt encouraged? When is the last time you felt God had sent a little angel your way to breathe life into your worn out self?

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

Be that breath of life to someone today. Write a note, send a card, a text...anything.

Let someone (or some many) know how special they are. Ask God to lead you in this.

One of my favorite things to do for my friends is to leave a note on their car. Signed of course, so it's not mistaken for creepy and stalker-ish. :)

Another thing I love to do is to leave Lem a note on his wallet or in the seat of his car before he leaves for work. I usually do this when it's been a crazy and hectic morning. It actually makes ME feel better to leave him with a note of love and encouragement. Funny how that works.

I challenge you today to bless someone in this simple, yet profound way.

You will be the SMILE and the JOY in someone's day today!

Not only will it bless them, but it will bless YOU!

Reaching out and writing someone,


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