Feb 14, 2013

A love note from God....

Today's Reading: Leviticus 25

Happy Thursday, SHINE girls! It's not just any old Thursday, it's Valentine's Day!

I'm not sure how you are feeling today. Some of you may love this day. Some of you may dread this day. Some of you think of today as just another Thursday, nothing special.

Wherever you are and whatever you think of this day, I have something to share with you.

Something that may make you stand up a little straighter, smile a little bigger, and feel a little warm and fuzzy in that pretty heart of yours.

This all came to me on Tuesday as I was getting 2 cavities filled. {yes, two}

I had asked a few friends for prayer because I abhor going to the dentist. I do. I really do. Nothing against my very nice dentist, but everything against that drill that he uses. Good gracious alive.

My sweet friends must have been on the line with the Lord the whole time on my behalf because I felt such a peace, despite the two {near} strangers peering over my wide open mouth. {With a drill or two.}

I sat in that chair in full peace and in full on conversation with God. Valentine's Day was on my heart and mind. I prayed for those of you that do not like this day. I prayed for those of you that love this day. I prayed for all of you who will read this. And those that may not read this.

As I prayed, I kept hearing His voice telling me that He wants me to tell you {yes you!} how much He loves you.

You may be married and happy. You may be married and miserable. You may be divorced. You may be separated. You may be dating. You may be single. You may be widowed.

Whoever you are, and whatever your worldly status....He wants you to know that you are taken. You belong to Him. Forever betrothed to your Prince Charming.

I'm going to try my best to express to you how He told me {as I was sitting in that dentist chair} just exactly how much He loves you.

A love note from the Father to you.

Here goes.

Princess of Mine,

Oh, how I adore the very breaths that you take. Every breath you let out, speaks an unspoken love song to my ears. Only I can hear the sound and make out the words. You don't even know you are speaking to me when you breathe, but if you only knew the intimacy we shared.

I'm surrounding you with every move that you make. Your presence will never escape the grasp of My arms around you.

Although I see how you struggle and strive, my grasp will never let you fall. You struggle even though you are settled peacefully in my Capable Hands.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I made every aspect of your being. I knit you together piece by breathtaking piece. Even the things that you do not like about yourself, I made them to please Me. I made them because I wanted you to look exactly as you do.

If you only knew the delicacy of your design, you would never see yourself the same again. If you only knew the Joy I get from just one glimpse of you.

You are the apple of my eye. You and only you.

I'm all that you need. Truly, I am all that you will ever need.

Some days you understand this concept, but many days you do not. You search and strive for a person or a thing to fill the void in your heart that only belongs to Me.

You will never fill this void with anything other than Me. I designed you in this way.

I am jealous for you. Yes, I am jealous for you.

I long for you to quiet your mind and your heart and be with Me. I long for you to trust Me and to fall headlong into My waiting Arms. I long for You to see me in the Glorious landscape I designed for you and only you.

Each day, I beckon you to see Me. To hear Me. To speak to Me.

If you only knew the Love I have to give You every day. Your heart would not be able to understand the depths of this Love I have for you.

I love watching you sleep. Perhaps because you are truly at rest. Your heart is not worried or anxious.

You will never be out of my sight, precious one. I will never let you go.

Others will try to seduce you and lure you away from Me. They are my enemy.

I will fight for you. I died for you.

Do you see how much I love you?

You are my Princess. My beloved.

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