Jan 25, 2013

SHINE Girl Winner.....

We have our SHINE Girls Give-away Winner!!!

My sweet and precious little son drew the name this time.

He's been at home sick with a high fever all day. :(

So, I wanted to brighten his day a bit and let him in on the SHINE girl drawing! :-)

He was thrilled to be a part!

{Anything beats lying around in your p.j's all day listening to your momma ask you "how are you feeling" all day long}

Our blessed little winner is.......

Kelly S.!!!

Kelly, you just won your cute little self a 

As I told y'all, one of my favorite things to do is to have coffee with my friends. So, I wanted one of YOU to be able to the same with a friend! :)

Enjoy your coffee date, Kelly!

Happy Week-ending,


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