Jan 11, 2013

Friday SHINE.....

Today's Reading:  Micah 4:8-5:15
Saturday 1/12:  Micah 6:1-7:6
Sunday 1/13: Micah 7:7-20

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls! Don't you just love Friday? Me too!

I want us to continue on with our kindness journey. This is not for the faint of heart, is it? It's the real deal. 

Showing kindness when there is no good reason to show it. Now THAT can only be the Power of God working through us. Over and over again.

It really doesn't get easier, but it does get easier to submit to Him in this area. The more we submit, the more our flesh dies off just a little bit more. And more. And more.

Okay, so if you are anything like me you think of Kindness as a global thing. Like, for example...being kind to your cashier, your waiter/waitress, your boss, your co-workers, the homeless in your community, etc.

Have we stopped to think about how we are showing kindness to our very closest peeps?

Like, our husbands. Our children. Our parents. Our in-laws.  Our siblings. Our next door neighbors. 

You know, the people that are in our face day in and day out?

Somehow, we seem to overlook them in the kindness area. Not always, but we do a lot.

Showing kindness to complete strangers is sometimes easier than showing kindness to someone close to us that rubs us in all the wrong places. Or, showing kindness to someone that has hurt us...over and over and over again.

I really don't think Jesus had exceptions when He gave us the Fruits of the Spirit. I think He's pretty black and white about showing kindness.

Wonder what would happen if we really, truly, allowed Him to work in our hearts (and on our stinkin' flesh) with this kindness thing?

Can you imagine the fruit of this act of obedience in our homes, families, and neighborhoods?

 Forget global kindness today. Think about home-town kindness. 

Starting within your four walls.

So, your Fun Friday Challenge is:

Show kindness to those right around you. Pray and ask the Lord to put those faces in your heart. Pray for them, and be kind to them. It's that simple, yet that Powerful.

"Love is patient, love is kind..."
1 Corinthians 13:4

sloughing off this flesh one layer at a time with kindness,


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