Dec 1, 2012

Saturday SHINE....

Weekend Reading: John 18 & 19

Happy Saturday, SHINE girls! Don't forget we have weekend reading. :) It's good stuff here in John!

To kick off our "Give this Christmas Away" theme....I have a SHINE girl Give-away Prize for one of you blessed little things! I'm going to keep the prize a "surprise" because I LOVE surprises...don't you?!


It's December 1st and it's my daughter's 8th birthday! Many celebrations happening here in the Hill family and I want to share the excitement with YOU!

So, here's how you win this AWESOME prize:

Tell me your favorite Christmas song! If you are like me, it changes by the minute! Just tell me what your favorite is at this very moment. :)

I will have the drawing NEXT get your comment in! As always, if you have trouble leaving a comment on the blog, email me at and I will post your comment for you! Simple!

Ready, set, GO!!

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