Dec 7, 2012

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Luke 5
Weekend Reading: Luke 6 & 7

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls! Do you have our memory verse memorized? You should be close!

Today, in our reading, Jesus calls his first disciples. I love this part of the New Testament!

Okay, seriously, imagine this: You are going about your business...being a homemaker, being a saleswoman, being a teacher, being a grandmother, being a student...whatever it is you do each day. It's a normal day for you.

You are going about doing your business when suddenly Jesus shows up and calls YOU to follow HIM!

Can you even fathom the thought?

Little did these men know what their future would be like. My goodness! They had NO idea the adventures in store for them with this Man, Jesus.

I must admit, I get a little envious of these twelve men. They walked, talked, dined, ministered, healed, preached, and traveled with JESUS! That's the most incredible thing I can ever imagine happening...ever.

Our Fun Friday Challenge:

Jesus tells Simon Peter in Luke 5: 10-11:

"Do not be afraid, from now on you will catch men."

"So, they pulled their boats up on shore, 
left everything and followed Him."

Today, picture yourselves being fishers of men. In everything you do, imagine you are reeling those in around you for Jesus. 

Let me warn you: This will not be easy. Some of those around you, you will not want to reel in. In fact, you may want to throw them right back. (quite possibly, even those within your own 4 walls!)

Do it anyway.

Let your attitude, your speech and your actions reflect being a fisher of men for Christ. 

Aren't we glad that Jesus reeled us in and didn't throw us back? 

Oh my, I sure am.

gone fishin',


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