Nov 14, 2012

Wednesday SHINE.....

Today's Reading: John 1

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls! If you are new to SHINE, today is the day we focus on worshiping our KING! Be intentional in praising Him, girls. He longs to hear your sweet voices lifted high to Him!

Today, not only will I worship Him in song, but I will worship Him with my heart that is overflowing with gratitude.

I don't even know how to begin this story without just straight up being real.

This past Saturday, Lem's little middle school small group had plans to feed a local homeless shelter. They were to cook a big Thanksgiving meal and serve these incredible folks.

He had told me a while back that he wanted us to do this as a family. I was excited about it!

Until Friday rolled in.

Friday rolls around and he gives me a list of things that we (more like I) need to cook to take to the meal.

Do what???

Now, I really do like to cook. But for 40 people? Seriously? On my Fun Family Friday night?

My heart was wrong. Like, way wrong.

Let me back up a minute and say that Lem had said that WE would cook as a family and make it a wonderful serving and learning opportunity for our kids.

Well, guess what?

Yep, you guessed it. I was the lonesome gal cooking all that stuff on my Fun Friday night.

Me, myself and I.

Saturday rolls around and I am determined to stay home and just let he and Joseph (my son) go to serve.

My heart was pinging all over the place. The Holy Spirit was telling me I needed to go.

My flesh was telling me to stay home and clean up this messy kitchen.

I ended up going. Against my prickly flesh.

I am not going to lie. Even up to walking in the church, I was pouting.

(good grief, this is horrible, isn't it?!)

Sounds even worse as I type it.

I had a conversation with the Lord as we waited for the shelter folks to arrive. It went something like this: "Okay, are you happy God? I'm here. Against my will, but I'm here."

A few minutes later a bus pulled in and the people started coming inside the church.

My eyes met a beautiful woman holding a little boy. She smiled the BIGGEST, most beautiful smile at me. Her little boy waved and smiled as well.

My icy heart melted right there on that grey carpet.

I knew why I had come. I knew why the Lord had pushed me out the door to be here.

It was her. It was her that I needed to talk to.

I sat down beside her as she ate. Her 3 boys were at the table with her. All under 7.

Little did I know that the table behind us held the rest of her children. 5 more boys.

8 total. (all boys)

I won't go into the details of our conversation, but my life changed in that very moment.

She inspired me. She blessed me. She changed me.

Her story, which I want to know more of, forever changed my heart.

She was strong. She was humble. She was faithful. She was.....beautiful.

My eyes brimmed over with tears a few times when we were speaking.

She said that living in this shelter had made her....humble.  It had also made her stronger.

I asked how her children were dealing with it. She said the older ones struggled at first, but now they were learning humility.


She said that sometimes she could not get their clothes washed so they would have to go to school with dirty clothes on.

The shelter families have to share laundry detergent and the washer and dryer.

I shuddered as I thought of how I had complained when I ran out of fabric softener.

We talked for a long time and then she introduced me to her beautiful friend. They both wanted to know all about my SHINE shirt that I was wearing.

So, I bragged about all of you SHINE girls and how you were all changing the world--one daily scripture at a time.

They listened intently and decided they wanted to be a SHINE girl too. Yay!!

Welcome our newest friends! Proud, beyond proud, to have you!!

I promised them a t-shirt, so I will be seeing them both real soon.

Here's why I am telling you this:

  • Go, even when you are not feeling it. Go anyway. God has something there for you. Trust Him.
  • Someone needs your ears to listen and your heart to care.
  • Little things--like laundry detergent--can change someone's life.

Here is your mid-week challenge:

Donate a bottle of laundry detergent with me to this shelter. I will come and get it from you, or you can bring it to our SHINE Mission Project Clothing and Canned food drive on Sunday. Or drop it off at one of our fellow SHINE girls drop-off locations.

If you cannot spare to donate a bottle, pray. Pray for our newest SHINE girls. Pray for the Lord to protect them, and shower them with His favor and His love.

Keep your eyes open today, sweet girls. God will place someone in your path. Be ready.

No matter where you are, who you are, or how you feel....God wants to USE YOU. He is just looking for an obedient girl.

Obedience takes no special skills, no special knowledge, no special anything.

It just requires obedience.

eyes wide open,



  1. Anonymous11/14/2012

    What a beautiful story! Laundry detergent coming your way, and I will spread the word!! Welcome our new friends!(:

  2. Anonymous11/14/2012

    I will keep my eyes open today! And, I will donate laundry detergent and tell my friends to as well. I can relate to having a wrong attitude and then the Lord straightening me out. Thanx for being real, always. Yvonne
    God bless you.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2012

    Mascara is running down my face!!!!! Laundry detergent AND fabric softener coming right up!

  4. So humbled & blessed by this post...hope to have many bottles of detergent collected by this u BIG Jill!!! Love your precious your realness! Xoxo

    1. so grateful for your constant encouragement and support and LOVE! you always bless me! love you so much!

  5. I love this story, thank you, it makes me reconsider the chance to be stronger in my *faith* and choose humility and obedience.

  6. Hi SHINE!

    If anyone of you can't make it on Sunday and are near Conyers this week please let me know.... I can meet you anytime between 8-5 if you would like to drop off clothes, can food, or detergent!!!!!!
    email me at or 770-315-2069.
    Love, Erin
    **Jill, Thank you for sharing! **

    1. I LOVE YOU ERIN DAVIS! YOU are priceless to this ministry! Countless ways you have blessed these girls..praying, helping, being available, being a LIGHT! Thank YOU!!!!

  7. Welcoming our new friends!- our new friends who have shown me more of what Christ's humility looks like. What beautiful spirits. Thank you for sharing your experience- I needed to read this today!
    Lots of love!!

  8. Anonymous11/14/2012

    Jill that is such a sweet post, I am so glad you were obedient.
    Let me share a story, two weeks ago I rec'd a text from a friend who needs to rent out her apartment. Last week, I saw a post of Facebook-a single woman needing a place to live. I made my phone call trying to help these two friends. Boy did God bless me. The phone call led to a ministry who reaches out to the homeless (in the woods living). They provide hot meals to these individuals twice a week. (LastThursday-80individuals were fed). The meals are prepared by various churches in the community. The ministry also provides these individuals a place they can wash their clothes and take a shower. Saturday night my husband and I met with the couple of this ministry from6-Pachos closed-sharing the stories of the homeless and talking about what God is doing. This Saturday the ministry will be sorting clothes to provide for these individuals. Then on Thanksgiving I will have the opportunity to spend time with the homeless of this community-sharing the word and letting him or her know he or she is worthy. I am thankful for responding to what God placed right in my path. Glory is to God. I am blessed.

    1. I love this story, sweet friend. I could hear these stories All DAY LONG! Keep SHINE-ing! I LOVE how the Lord is using YOU!!! wow!!!!!

  9. Such a touching story. I really needed that this morning...where will you be to drop off stuff? I will post on my page to hopefully have more detergent. I do have a few bottles myself to donate!


    1. Hey, sweet Wendy! Email me at and I can meet up with you, OR, you can come to our SHINE Drop off this sunday at my church..Eastridge Community in Covington! I would LOVE to see you!!! <3

  10. Anonymous11/14/2012

    I would love to donate some detergent . Please let me know where I can bring it to you. Your an amazing person !! I will also spread the word around here.


  11. Jennifer! How you JUST blessed me so!! You can email me at and i will arrange getting it from you. OR, you can come to our SHINE Mission Project Drop off Day THIS sunday at Eastridge Community Church. Drop off is from 2-5. I would LOVE to meet you and hug your neck! Info for Mission is at top right hand of page under SHINE Mission Project tab. :) I look forward to hearing from you..and yes, please spread the word!!! Thank YOU!! <3 <3


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