Nov 19, 2012

Monday SHINE....

Reading Plan for week of 11/19-11/23:

  • Monday 11/19: John 6
  • Tuesday 11/20: John 7
  • Wednesday 11/21: John 8
  • Thursday 11/22: John 9
  • Friday 11/23: John 10

Happy Monday, SHINE girls! I really do not have a whole lot to say this morning because I am SPEECHLESS!

Truly, I am overwhelmed by your GIVING hearts!

This is my garage! See what I mean?!

Even if you were not able to come, or to donate...we still felt your prayers! That means more than anything!

My heart has been lifting you up in prayer all weekend and will continue to lift you up this whole week. 

You have given new meaning to my Thanksgiving. Thank you.

still speechless,


"Then we, your people, the ones you love and care for,
    will thank you over and over and over.
We’ll tell everyone we meet
    how wonderful you are, how praiseworthy you are!"
Psalm 79:13

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