Oct 10, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Matthew 8

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls!

This is Rebekah writing to you this morning, May God's richest blessings pour over you this moment as you begin your day. I pray we are all able to worship all. day. long. :)

How about Matthew, y'all?! I am in love with all of these sweet, red-lettered words straight from the mouth of our dear Savior.  What magnificent, wonderful, powerful words from our Lord!

Today's reading in Chapter 8 is so meaningful to me for this moment in my life. In the past few weeks, our family has been hurting and praying for those around us as friends and family face all kinds of heart breaking, life changing diseases and challenges. I have said over and over, "I am trying not to be swept away in my grief."

It has been important for me to not get stuck there, because I easily could. You know that "deer in head lights" stuckness? ...That holy, christian stuckness when things have gone awry.

The Lord needs us to move right back into the roots of our faith-- with active faith-- to be able to work through our prayers. We must believe He can, girls, and believe He will!! 

Bouncing back up into our Savior's arms and strengthening our bond with Him, especially in hardship.

This passage of scripture is full of healing. Healing that I need for my hurting heart right now. The healing I am begging God for on behalf of my friends and family. (I am working on my bounce, Lord, ready to catch me?!)

If you are praying for healing, the road map is Matthew 8. *Thank you, Lord!*

What's the key? Faith. The verses about the Centurion stand out (vs. 5-13). Jesus is surprised by the Centurion's faith. Jesus can work with active faith, y'all, and he can sense it, too!

I want the Lord to be surprised by my faith, I want Him to be overwhelmed with my active faith.

We want and need and pray for healing to come but we must be active participants in God's work through our prayers and also our belief in His healing.

“He took up our infirmities
    and bore our diseases.” Matthew 8:17

This picture is such a comfort to me, because he is our Healer, just like He was 2,000 years ago. He still invades the space where He is invited and HE HEALS US.

Heal our hearts, Lord, renew our faith. Thank you for the challenges that draw us closer into total dependence on You and thank you for calling us out of our "deer in headlights" trance and back into our powerful, life-giving faith in YOU.

Bouncing back with Him,

Rebekah :)

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