Oct 29, 2012

Monday SHINE.....

Reading plan for week of 10/29-11/02:

  • Monday 10/29: Matthew 21
  • Tuesday 10/30: Matthew 22
  • Wednesday 10/31: Matthew 23
  • Thursday 11/01: Matthew 24
  • Friday 11/02: Matthew 25
Good  Monday morning, SHINE girls! Don't you just love fresh starts? This is what I LOVE about Mondays! Fresh starts galore!!

It's the same exact way with the Lord. Every single second can be a fresh start. He knows, more than anyone, how flesh-y we are. We mess up. Big time. 

He forgives us. Even bigger time. 

What are you beating yourself up about? Whatever it is, do me a favor. Stop it right now.

Trust me, I am the queen of big mistakes, and then beating myself up afterwards. The beatings would go on and on and on and on. Exhausting, right?

Finally, the Lord bopped me on the head one day and said: "Jill, why are you still stuck there? Get over it, already. I have already forgotten it, but you keep reminding me because you refuse to move past it. You are not doing anyone any favors by wallowing in your self-pity. Get up and move on. Now."

So, the Lord didn't care that I was still beating myself up and wallowing in my guilt? 

Of course He cares. He cares about me enough to speak truth to me and tell me to take my eyes off of self and move on--for Heaven's sake.

What's keeping you stuck, girls?

Whatever it is, it's not where the Lord wants you to be. Nope, not for one more second. 

Get up, wipe off your bottom, and get going today. 

**Presley is watching me type and giggled when I told you to wipe off your bottoms. :-)

Today is your fresh start, pretty girl. Right this very second.


Thank you for Your Word that speaks Truth and Life to our little hearts. We need it every single day. It is nourishment to our weary souls.

Forgive us for focusing on ourselves so many times and not focusing on You and Your Promises.

We believe You, we trust You, we love You, Father.

Today, we are following You and not looking back. You have a future and a plan for us. A future that is beyond our wildest imaginations! Thank You, Father. Thank You.

In Jesus name,


"Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning."
Lamentations 3:23

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