Sep 27, 2012

SHINE girl winner.....

Pardon this interruption...

First of all, I apologize for posting the WRONG link to the SHINE girl give-away yesterday. Good grief.

Obviously, my brain is mush. At least you now know for certain that I truly am a natural blonde. ;)

Secondly, please forgive my grammatical errors on SHINE. I just proofed a few entries and was completely mortified. Promise me that you will love me anyway! Anyone up for an "editing" position here at SHINE, I'm all ears! ;)

Now, let's get to our SHINE give-away winner!!!! I loved reading all of your "things you Love!". Each one made me smile so big! Your little hearts are just the sweetest. Precious, precious, you are!

a little sneak peak from our date last night!
yes, i LOVE him! :)

I let Lem pick our SHINE winner since it was our anniversary. :)  He drew the name, so if you didn't
win...blame him!

Our winner posted this comment:

"I love that my husband is such a strong Godly man who just doesn't talk the talk, but walks the walk. I love the evenings when he leads our little family in nightly devotionals and prays over us. I love that God chose me to be the mom to my sweet, precious babies. I love that split second when I see my son smile while watching me. I love hearing my sweet girl telling me what a great mom she thinks I am that she wants to be a mom just like me. I love the deep belly laughs of my children when their daddy is tickling them. I just love this crazy life that God gave me. 
N. Wilson"


Please email me at, and I will get your SHINE t-shirt to you!

She won a SHINE shirt in the color of her choice...Black, or Chocolate brown. :) If you haven't seen our SHINE shirts, go here and check them out! Super cute and a great way to spread your SHINE!

By the way, we will have long-sleeved shirts coming soon! So, be on the look out!

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